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Vermiculite and Perlite items from LAF Group

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The speciality material from LAF Group includes Perlite and Vermiculite. Perlite from LAF Group is a raw material in a natural state with glassy volcanic rock containing a percentage of water. During the process of expansion Perlite is rapidly heated and expands up to twenty times its original size, due to the evaporation of the moisture from within. Perlite includes properties such as lightweight, air entraining material, which is both absorbent and acts as a filter aid. Perlite is sterile, environmentally friendly and chemically neutral.

Perlite from LAF Group is packed in 100 litre paper sacks, with 24 bags per pallet. Perlite is also available in Bulk Bag supply. Perlite is ideal for agricultural use in terms of seed raising, hydroponics, cuttings, capillary watering, soil conditioning, turf dressing, potting mixes. Perlite is also ideal in terms of industrial use that includes oil & chemical, absorbent, abrasives, filter aids, packaging, refractory mixes, insulation.

Vermiculite speciality item is a mineral that is similar to mica. During a process called Exfoliation, Vermiculite is subjected to intense heat and expand up to twenty times its original size. Vermiculite encompasses an excellent insulation and water retention properties. Vermiculite is lightweight, air entraining and absorbent. Vermiculite is environmentally friendly, chemically neutral and virtually sterile after exfoliation.

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