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Jigsaw blades and reciprocating saw blades
30.05.2006 - STARRETT's new range of jigsaw and reciprocating saw blades are now available on the Australian market. There is a wide variety of blades in both ranges to suit all cutting needs.
New range of hole saws
26.05.2006 - STARRETT has released its new hole saw range into the market. The new range includes: dual pitch saws (DH); tungsten carbide tipped fast cutting wood saws (FCW); tungsten carbide tipped sheet metal saws (SM); and bi-metal cordless smooth cutting saws
Hole saws, jigsaw blades, and measuring tools
06.04.2006 - THE LS Starrett company has been a continuous symbol of leadership and dependable service in the manufacture of fine precision tools for more than 125 years worldwide.
Band saw blade
21.04.2004 - L S STARRETT’S Meatkutter band saw blade is suitable for all types of meat and fish, with or without bone. The blade provides fast, accurate cuts and gives meat a good finish.
Portable surface roughness tester
06.12.2001 - LS STARRETT has introduced a versatile, pocket-sized surface roughness tester. This new product, the Model 3800, is a compact, economical instrument designed for measuring surface textures that conform to traceable standards.
Multi-function pocket-sized tachometer
12.06.2001 - The LS Starrett company has released a new multi-function tool that makes precision contact and non-contact measurement easier and more affordable. The Pocket-Tach Plus provides accurate, fast flexible rpm measurement from both non-contact and contac
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