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New range of hole saws

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L S STARRETT has released its new hole saw range into the market. The new range includes: dual pitch saws (DH); tungsten carbide tipped fast cutting wood saws (FCW); tungsten carbide tipped sheet metal saws (SM); and bi-metal cordless smooth cutting saws (CSC).

Dual pitch hole saws

Starrett dual pitch hole saws are the latest development in multi-use bi-metal hole saws. Featuring the smooth cutting action of constant pitch hole saws, but with the aggressive material penetration and swarf clearance of variable pitch hole saws.

The dual pitch hole saw will cut equally well on thinner gauge materials without the usual tendency to bite or snag and power through thick gauge materials with a cutting depth of 41mm. Ideal for production, maintenance, electrical, and building trades. Sizes range from 14-210mm.

Tungsten carbide tipped fast cutting wood hole saws

Starrett fast cutting wood hole saws are carbide tipped for high performance and durability. Cuts wood and MDF five times faster than standard bi-metal hole saws making this series ideal for cutting wood, MDF, plastics, building materials and will cut ceramic wall tiles.

They have a smooth cut with minimal heat build up and a cutting depth of 54mm. Suitable for use in mains and battery powered tools. Sizes range from 19-159mm.

Tungsten carbide tipped sheet metal hole saws

Starrett sheet metal hole saws have tungsten carbide tipped teeth, which provide superb cutting performance. The teeth also have a positive cutting angle, allowing fast and efficient removal of chips and swarf.

Ideal for cutting high alloy and stainless steels, non-ferrous light metals and reinforced fabrics. They also feature a safety stop at the base to prevent drilling beyond the maximum cutting depth of 13mm. Sizes range from 13-100mm.

Cordless smooth cutting hole saws

Starrett cordless smooth cutting hole saws are bi-metal and constructed of hardened, heat and abrasion resisting high speed steel with a tough alloy body and cap. This gives them exceptional strength, durability and shatter resistance.

Designed for use with battery operated power tools as battery life is extended by up to double the charge. Ideal for cutting stainless, tool and mild steel sheeting plus plasterboard, wood and thin plastics. Maximum cutting depth is 13mm and sizes range from 16-38mm.

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