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L'Hotelier Group offers chef’s clothing

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L'Hotelier Group  offers a diverse range of clothing, footwear and knives for catering and hospitality industries. There are various types of chef’s clothing available from the clothing range supplied by L’Hotelier Group and each garment is designed to provide good comfort and wearability. L’Hotelier Group manufactures chef's clothing from high quality fabrics which offer natural soft touch, breathablility and comfort.

The chefs’ clothing is manufactured by L’Hotelier Group with due consideration for nuances and details of practicability and wearability. The innovative and advanced chef’s clothing offered by L’Hotelier Group is designed to maintain the impeccable image of the chefs in their workplace. The cotton used in the manufacture of clothing by L’Hotelier Group is mercerized and sanforized.

The various designs of footwear available from the product range of L’Hotelier Group are suitable for cooks and chefs working in hotels. L’Hotelier Group also supplies apprentice chef kits for the catering industry. There are various accessories for cooks available from L’Hotelier Group’s including neck tie, hat and towel. L’Hotelier Group also supplies various types of knives which are suitable for use in catering industry.

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