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KURZ has released transparent, holographic cold stamping foils for web printing. The foils allow cold stamping to be used both as a design tool and as protection against counterfeiting.Photo: Kurz." style="WIDTH: 200px;" />

The transparent foils may be used as an overlay on customer designs, corporate colours, logos or any type of product labelling. The interplay between the holographic pattern and the underlying print creates special design effects while simultaneously raising the barrier to counterfeiters. It also prevents the manipulation of imprinted product data.

The transparent foils are produced in a diverse range of standard holographic patterns. Customer-specific designs may also be ordered. Any type of surface design is possible, with the exception of single-image holograms.

Transparent cold stamping foils with continuous design may also be produced in Trustseal, an optical variable device (OVD) which provides a high level of product protection. It is based on two-dimensional computer technology with high-resolution vector graphics. Trustseal and holographic OVD technology are available in metallised form as well as in a transparent cold stamping foil for brand protection purposes.

Cold stamping involves the transfer of metallised or transparent stamping foils without using heat and pressure. In web applications an adhesive is applied to the substrate by flexographic or offset printing. A foil comprised of a polyester carrier and a lacquer package is then pressed onto the surface.

Subsequently, the adhesive is cured with UV light, binding it to the stamping foil layers. Finally, the used carrier foil is rewound. This method, which can be integrated into a conventional printing process, is suitable for self-adhesive labels where it lends itself to economical print finishing.

When cold stamping transparent foils, the adhesive in the areas that are to be printed is replaced by adhesion-promoting, radical curing UV printing inks. No additional printing unit for underprinting is required.

Cold stamping offers the labelling industry a simple yet flexible inline method for print finishing and commercial security.

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