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U17-3 excavators available from Kubota Tractor Australia

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The U17-3 is the new introduction to the Kubota Tractor Australia excavator line up. The zero tail swing machine follows the U15 and brings to the Kubota Tractor Australia range an efficient version of their small zero tail machine.

The U17-3 excavator is suitable for operators who take on tough jobs in tight spaces. The U17-3 excavator is an enhancement on the U15 with an improved pump capacity and extended dozer arm that helps users to get the job done efficiently.

The zero-tail swing feature means that the operators need not worry about what is to the side or behind while at work. The tail always remains within the width of the tracks irrespective of how far the U17 excavator turns. The zero-tail swing feature can also ensure balance, stability and faster operation, making the U17-3 suitable for jobs in congested urban areas.

Kubota Tractor Australia have upgraded the engine from 13HP to 17HP, so the U17-3 delivers more power and dependability. In addition to its higher horsepower and performance, it offers low noise and vibration levels, better fuel efficiency and complies with the EPA’s 2008 Tier IV emissions regulations.

The hydraulic pump capacity is increased to 45 L/min, making the U17-3 excavator suitable to take on a variety of jobs. An extension to the dozer arm to optimise the clearance between the dozer and the bucket makes collecting soil and rocks close to the machine efficient. The extended length of the dozer arm also prevents soil or rocks from getting caught between the dozer and the crawler.

The U17-3 excavator offers enhanced travel motor, resulting in traction increase, when operating in low speed. For increased durability and a longer life, Kubota Tractor Australia have included bushings throughout the U17-3 excavator’s pivot points on the swing bracket.

The enclosed travel motor hoses within the track frame and front hoses routed within the arm provide protection and visibility, resulting in increased service life, reduced repair costs and increased durability.

The U17-3 excavator has better lifting capacity and operator comfort. Its higher lifting capacity for digging, lifting and loading is provided by a powerful and responsive front working group. The U17-3 excavator is stable when working to the side, using hydraulic attachments, or lifting heavy objects due to its counter balancing technology, long tumbler distance, low centre of gravity and smooth operation.

With a breakout force of 1550kg, the U17-3 excavator is suitable for heavy loads and tough excavating jobs. The U17-3 excavator’s better reach and digging depth ensure that each digging job is performed with maximum efficiency and speed. The standard fitment deluxe high-back seat increases productivity by providing optimum comfort for operators of all sizes. The two-speed travel switch placed on the dozer lever enables quick and easy dozing operations.

The new location also frees up space on the floor for improved operator comfort. With a spacious cabin, the U17-3 excavator’s wide foot area enhances operator comfort resulting in less operator fatigue. A quick flip of a lever lets the operator switch operating patterns from ISO to SAE or vice versa. The cylinder design features a larger diameter rod and increased hydraulic pressure for greater lifting power and optimum front attachment speeds.

The U17-3 excavator is easy to maintain. The under-deck hydraulics can be accessed quickly and easily for routine maintenance. There are no bolts to unscrew and the operators need to lift the rubber mat and open the floor plate. Wide-opening covers provide easy access to the engine oil gauge, coolant reserve tank and dual element air cleaner.

It is also easy to access the fuel filter and water separator, battery, radiator and oil cooler. Two-piece hose connections for the dozer and boom cylinders simplify hose replacement, reduce downtime, and can eliminate the need to enter the machine for maintenance.

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