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Three-phase 10kVA generator

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article image The J310 and J112 -- close relatives.

KUBOTA Australia has released the third model in the new J series line of generators.

The J310 is a semi-enclosed three-phase 10kVA two-pole generator that is a relative of the J108 single-phase, 8kVA set and the J112 single-phase, 12kVA set.

The J310 with its compact design ensures that the unit can fit into any application where space is a criteria.

It comes complete with a 32amp three-phase outlet and 3 single-phase outlet to ensure that the unit can be set up quickly with the minimum of fuss.

A larger fuel tank along with Kubota recognised fuel-efficient engines, ensure these sets will run longer on a single tank of fuel. Kubota has designed into the set an AMF panel for easy installation of the unit into a "standby" application.

By purchasing a Kubota J Series generator and Auto Start Panel, the unit can be set up in the space of minutes so that the set can be fitted into an AMF or remote start application.

It has forklift openings and a single lifting point to enhance transportability.

Due to the continuing demand for generators to power offices, especially to run computer systems, the J series generator has a skewed rotor to ensure that the generator supplies clean stable power that is readily accepted by all major UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) systems.

Kubota has incorporated an engine protection system that will shut down the unit in the event of loss of oil pressure, increased temperature or fan belt breakage and comes with a full factory backed warranty for added piece of mind.

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