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The Kubota Diesel Generator product line up

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The Kubota Diesel Generator product line up has deservedly gained worldwide recognition as high quality generators. The amalgamation of the ever reliable Kubota diesel engine with top quality alternators has resulted in a product line up that is the most sought after in the industry in the up to 30kVA class.

But just how do you decide on which generator is the one for your requirements? How do you size a generator? What features should you be seeking in a generator? Wouldn’t it be great if all these questions could be answered whilst you enjoy the comfort of your own lounge room? Thanks to Kubota, you now can.

Understanding the vast Kubota diesel generator range is now as simple as taking position in your favourite armchair and pressing the play button on your DVD remote control. Kubota have just released the Kubota Advantage Diesel Generators DVD which in just over 20 minutes will provide you all the information you will need to make an informed decision on the right generator selection for your application. The DVD covers the entire diesel generator range with an emphasis on the features and benefits of each type of generator and continues with typical applications and generator sizing.

The line up of generators from Kubota Tractor Australia commences with the locally built Workforce series offering 5kVA in single phase. The easily transportable air cooled DA5500E generator serves the serious handyman on job sites where power isn’t available. The second in the range, the horizontal engine powered RK/RT150E 5kVA generator is an ideal product to power irrigation systems and will serve the proud owner all day everyday without fault.

For the discerning owner who requires reliable power delivered from a small, quiet unit, the GL series generators are the ticket. These units are available in single phase 6 and 9 KVA ratings and measure a tiny 1075/1285 mm length, 607 mm width and 696 mm height; ideal for applications where space is the premium consideration. With standard fitment general power outlets, deep oil sump for extended oil change intervals, large capacity fuel tanks, dual element air filter and noise levels from only 66.5 dB(A), these generators are ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.

The J series generators are ideal for industrial applications. These are available in both single and three phase configurations with outputs ranging from 8kVA to 12 kVA. These generators have been designed with space in mind and are hence compact units with all the quality features that you would expect from the world’s largest manufacturer of diesel engines up to 100 HP. Factory fitted accessories include general power outlets, dual element air filter providing extra engine protection in dusty environments, large capacity fuel tanks delivering up to 26.5 hours of continuous operation at ½ load and access terminals for easy wiring of automatic mains failure panels to switch power supply over to the generator in the event of a mains failure.

When more power is required, the KJ series demand your immediate attention. These units are built tough and quiet and guarantee maximum performance and compatibility. For safety, all rotating parts are enclosed in a sturdy built cabinet, an all in one (emergency relay, timer relay and safety relay) emergency unit exclusive to Kubota and an automatic shutdown mechanism to protect the unit in the event of abnormal operation. The KJ series generators are available in single and three phase configurations with power output ranging from 12.5 kVA to 30 kVA. These units are ideal for industrial applications such as work site huts or indoor applications such as retail outlets due to their quiet operation.

The cream of the crop is the SQ range of generators. As the prefix suggests, these units run “super quiet” with sound levels from just 61 dB(A) and are available in single and three phase configurations ranging from 11 kVA to 30 kVA. For operator friendliness and safety, the SQ range is the leader of the pack. These units feature automatic shutdown, an emergency stop button, lockable heavy duty access doors, a lockable heavy duty control panel door, locking fuel cap and bottom mounted fuel tanks amongst a host of other features ensuring the absolute safety of the operator. Single sided maintenance, automatic air bleeding, well designed and highly visible control panel, the super glow system and solid state voltage regulation all add to the operational ease of these units. With a high output rating and extremely low noise emissions, these generators are perfect for those applications where noise is a prime consideration.

All this information and more is captured in the Kubota Advantage Diesel Generator DVD which provides a perfect range overview and application guide for today’s busy consumer. Kubota Marketing Manager Mark Taylor sums up the DVD as “This DVD is full of information relevant to individual generators and concentrates on the features and benefits unique to each model.” Professionally filmed at Kubota’s Head Office in Melbourne, the DVD provides a comprehensive sight into the entire range of Kubota diesel generators.

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