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Kubota surveys excavator owners to improve machine design, comfort and performance

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Representatives from Kubota Tractor Australia and Kubota Japan carried out a survey among Kubota excavator owners in Australia for feedback on their machines.  

Kubota Japan has been manufacturing hydraulic excavators for more than 37 years and offers a machine line-up that excels in engineering concept and design as well as operator comfort and performance.  

Kubota bases its design on information sourced throughout the world from Kubota excavator owners by Kubota engineers who gather information on what the owners like about their machines and what improvements they would like to see in future models.  

Recently, Kubota Japan despatched two of their employees to conduct customer surveys among the owners of the new KX057-4 and U55-4 excavator series. The survey was headed by Mr Haruhiro Yabuuchi, Section Manager Customer Technical Support Department, Construction Machinery Division, who was accompanied by Mr Shinsuke Kamada, Manager Marketing, Construction Machinery Division.  

Representatives from Kubota Tractor Australia, Mr Kzumei Suehira – Executive Co-Ordinator Engineering and Mr Warren Green – Industrial Product Manager based at the Australian Head Office for Kubota in Melbourne also accompanied them on the survey.  

The survey was scheduled to coincide with the 18-month anniversary of the newly released -4 series excavators, presenting a suitable opportunity for the engineers to check out any machine issues as well as receive suggestions from the owners and operators on improvements that would enhance the overall performance and operation of the excavator.  

Kubota has a reputation for designing highly efficient machines that do not compromise on operator comfort as the company believes that a comfortable operator is key to creating a more productive operator, which would help accomplish jobs quickly and give the owner greater ROI.  

The survey team began its journey in Cairns and worked its way down the East Coast, stopping off in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to speak with owners and operators of the newly released -4 series excavators.  

The survey explores excavator applications and also seeks feedback from owners and operators about potential improvements in future generations of excavators. It also looks at basic things such as the ease at which the front windows can be opened and the way the bonnets and side cowlings open and close after the machines have been in operation to ensure reliability and quality remain synonymous with the Kubota name.  

The results will be collated with the results from around the world and will be used to influence the design of any future models developed by Kubota.

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