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Kubota Tractor Australia release RT100 DI, RT125DI and RT140DI-ES RT Plus engines

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Kubota Tractor Australia  have released RT Plus engine range that is an addition to their RK horizontal engine line. The 10, 12.5 and 14 horse power RT Plus engines used in applications such as water pumps, generators and water propulsion offer increased fuel efficiency. The new RT Plus engines are available in manual and electric start variants.

The RT Plus engines share the same direct injection combustion system. With the high efficiency of the DI system, fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber. The subsequent combustion process resulting in heat and pressure is then transformed directly to the force that drives the piston head. This process results in enhanced horse power and improved fuel efficiency.

The pistons utilised in RT Plus engines employ a deep troidal bowl design, engineered to allow the intake air to swirl in the bowl both quicker and smoother. The design also permits the precise ratio of intake air and fuel mixture to take effect. The resultant complete combustion process enhances the engine output, delivering increased levels of torque when operating at low RPM.

The new multi injection port increases the number of nozzle sprayers from 4 to 5, while down sizing injector puncture to cooperate with the injection pump. Hence, pressures of up to 220 kg/cm can be achieved. Fuel is broken down into small particles and is widespread to cover every combustion spot. This results in complete combustion and reduces air pollution. In addition, the nozzles incorporate an internal edge filter to minimise nozzle clogging as a result of dirt accumulation.

The RT Plus range of engines have stainless steel valves that are tolerant towards heat and corrosion. Engine pulley and belt durability have also been enhanced through the reduction of internal friction between the fan belt and engine pulley. The raw-edge power flex fan belt reduces internal friction in the rubber sheet through the ability to cling to the engine pulley. The new fan belt has edges that are made from canvas wrapped with rubber sheet. The filter element material is changed from metal to stainless steel to prevent rust, hence lessening the likelihood of erosion. The fuel tank base fixing bolts are also made durable with a 30% increase in size, retaining their tension under vibration.

RT100 DI RT Plus engine with manual start has a maximum output of 10hp at 2400 RPM. Kubota Tractor Australia offer RT125DI model which is available in manual and electric start variants. It has a maximum output of 12.5hp at 2400 RPM. The RT140DI-ES RT Plus engine features electric start with a maximum output of 14hp at 2400 RPM.

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