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Kubota Tractor Australia presents 3.2 tonne KX91-3 air conditioned excavators

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Kubota Tractor Australia  announces the introduction of the 3.2 tonne KX91-3 excavators featuring a fully factory fitted air conditioning system. The fully enclosed cabin model previously only had a heater option.  

The introduction of the air conditioned excavators coincides with the Australian summer and is expected to impress operators with the degree of cooling offered.  

The air conditioned KX91-3 excavators have been introduced following extensive testing and development involving engineers from both Japan and Australia to ensure that the air conditioning unit can withstand the harsh Australian environment without compromising the performance of the machine.  

Kubota Tractor’s Australia Research and Development Engineer Mr Bradley Watson spearheaded the development of the air conditioning unit. A key requirement was to ensure that machine efficiency was not compromised by the unit when working in ambient temperatures of 45ºC.  

It was also necessary for the fitment not to obstruct the operator’s view when operating the machine. The air conditioning unit also had to be part of the overall machine build as well as easy to operate and maintain.  

Key features of the 3.2 tonne KX91-3 air conditioned excavators:  

  • Offers the same performance, packing a breakout force of almost 2800kg of force, reach in excess of 5.1m and dig depth of almost 3.2m
  • Easy to open access panels and pivoting condenser box provides easy access to the heart of the machine to carry out periodic service requirements
  • At only 1550mm wide, ideal for fitting down the sides of houses
  • Offers stability and power to perform in trying conditions
  • 3.2 tonne machine is perfectly weighted and balanced for easy transportation and operation

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