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Kubota Tractor Australia celebrates its 120th anniversary

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Kubota Tractor Australia celebrates its 120th anniversary in April this year, and to mark the occasion have released a new slogan, “For Earth, For Life”. Since its establishment in 1890, Kubota Group has contributed to the development of society through its products, technologies, and services that support the foundation of the earth’s environment and people’s lives, including water pipes and agricultural machinery.

Toshi Kawasaki, Managing Director of KTA said “As Managing Director of KTA, I am very proud to inform the Australian machinery market of Kubota’s 120 year heritage as a manufacturer of farm and industrial machinery. Kubota equipment is engineered to the highest standards and has acquired a global reputation for producing machinery that delivers high performance, reliability, durability, and satisfaction. The growth and expansion into markets both within and outside Japan, that has lead to the achievement of this 120 year milestone is set to continue with Kubota Corporation’s clear focus remaining on producing quality equipment with innovation and minimal environmental impacts”.

In previous years Kubota Australia has complimented its brand with the slogan “Keeps on going” which represents its reputation for being the most reliable and durable diesel engine in the world. There have been many stories of farm owners, who talk about their 20 year old Kubota tractor that still starts first go. Now, Kubota Tractors have changed the corporate slogan to Kubota “For Earth, For Life”, meaning, “While protecting the earth’s beautiful environment, Kubota continues to support affluent lifestyles of people”.

To coincide with the 120th anniversary, Kubota Tarctor Australia has developed a 120 year anniversary logo featuring a play on the number “0” by making three linked rings which are to symbolize Kubota’s three business fields, food, water and the environment. The three rings also is a symbol of Kubota’s three business divisions, including the Farm & Industrial Machinery Consolidated Division, which is operating in Australia. The Water & Environment Systems Division and Social Infrastructure Division make up the rest of the company’s business.

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