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Kubota Tractor Australia aid VFF with bushfire recovery

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article image Alex Sutherland of the VFF (on tractor) with property owner Matt Redpath (right) and volunteers Tyson Jarviss and Ron Harbridge work on re fencing in Kinglake.

The close relationship between Kubota Dealership Godings in Whittlesea and the VFF has made it possible for Kubota Tractor Australia to lend a hand by donating a tractor with front end loader to the VFF for use on the cleaning and rebuilding process.

Ian Goding, Dealer Principal of Goding’s in Whittlesea and Rockbank said, “Many people in the local area were in dire straights after the tragic fires on Black Saturday. Initially KTA came to aid with cheap generators offered to fire victims, but we also wanted our efforts to carry on through to the recovery stages that came months after the initial disaster”.

 “We’d heard of a local Whittlesea couple being appointed to a fencing recovery project, a campaign driven by the VFF. We had already been given a post driver from Lyco, so we made a phone call to KTA head office who were more than happy to supply a tractor to the worthy cause”.

“A 50HP, Kubota MX5100 was provided which is the perfect size for the application and is an excellent basic machine that is easy to use machine will keep on going for a long time”, said Ian.

The MX5100 tractor is a popular model in Kubota larger M-Series range of tractors. It boasts impressive power, outstanding versatility and reliability, combined with the power of a larger M-Series but with the usability of a utility sized L-Series, making it a do it all tractor.

Currently the tractor is in the Kinglake area being used to secure more perimeter fencing for locals in need. The tractor has even been used on Ian’s neighbour’s property in Whittlesea.

“My neighbour has 160 acres that we fenced early on in the program which helped get the project up and running. My own property requires similar work but, will have to wait as I’m busy running the dealership and there are others out there with more urgent needs then my own”.

Alex and Julie Sutherland of the VFF are co-ordinating the rescue project and have already covered over approx 300km of fencing helped along by over 300 volunteers and 2200 hours to date with the project running 7 days per week.

Alex said, “Kubota has supplied us with an amazing little tractor that has helped us with the fencing project. While a lot of the work is completed manually by volunteers, the tractor has been great for fixing wooden and steel posts for perimeter fencing”.

“The project has been extended due to the ongoing work required in the local area, so we will continue to work on it with the local councils and help as many people as we can”.

The project completion date has not been confirmed but the Kubota tractor will remain with the VFF until work is completed.

Kubota equipment is used for a diverse range of property owners from commercial farmers, lifestyle, hobbyists, retirees, business people etc. To Kubota dealers, many of these people are not just customers, but are friends and family who were affected by the events of Black Saturday.

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