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Diesel generators available from Kubota Tractor Australia

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The Kubota range of diesel generators is engineered and manufactured in Japan.

As the market for portable power in remote areas requires an assured source of constant standby electrical power, Kubota Tractor Australia engineers have developed a range of reliable diesel generator models to suit an extensive array of applications.

Kubota Tractor Australia’s diesel generator range includes both single and three phase power output options with nine single phase units from 5.5kVA to 15kVA and six three phase units from 10kva to 30kva. Sound levels vary from 82dBA to a quiet 61dBA.

Power Proving Services was founded in 1996 to develop test equipment for the stand-alone diesel generator market. The company supplies power monitoring systems, electrical design and installation services and submersible pump control systems to the building, mining, power generation, petrochemical and marine industries.

Dealing with large mining operations such as BHP Billiton, Griffin Coal and Rio Tinto, supply of quality products is paramount due to the remote location of the installations. Power Proving Services utilise Kubota diesel generators in the 10-30kVA output range to power submersible pumps required to dewater mine pits and water transfer stations coupled to submersible pumps.

As stated by Business Development Manager, Karl Griffiths, and Mechanical Manager, Russell McCartney, Power Providing Services currently have a number of SQ3200 and SQ3300 Kubota diesel generators in their hire fleet coupled to submersible pumps and have found them to be more than satisfactory in accordance with customer demand and expectations.

In fact, they have received many referrals and demands from new clients in the hire sector for Kubota SQ generators due to the SQ generator’s low sound level and reliability.

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