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5 star service rating for Kubota Tractor Australia dealers

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Kubota Tractor Australia  (KTA), are making after sales service a high priority, and this discipline is being carried out through their dealerships in the form of a 5 Star service programme.

According to Chris Nielsen, National Service Manager, Kubota Tractor Australia, the importance of giving Kubota customers a complete Kubota experience, and how putting the 5 star service concept in place fills that standard. They have been working hard to grow the dealerships and implement a firm level of service criteria that they should achieve in order to operate as an accredited 5 star service business.

The ‘Kubota 5 Star Service Programme’ is an opportunity for Kubota dealers to improve their business on a number of levels. A dealership should meet several criteria in order to achieve 5 Star status. These include staffing, facility, tooling, service vehicles, identification, operations and training.

Every two years, these elements are self assessed by dealerships and reported to Kubota Tractor Australia. If the self assessed level of service meets the criteria, a KTA service representative is sent out to inspect the dealership and make a final assessment on whether or not the 5 Star rating is achieved.

In 2004, two Kubota dealers achieved the 5 star rating. Now in 2009, there are 55 Kubota 5 Star Service dealerships in Australia. Someone who buys a tractor, mower, excavator or any Kubota product may own that machine for over 10 years, so it is important for the dealers to be servicing these customers well, which will sustain that Kubota user’s confidence in the brand for years to come.

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