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article image The Kroll Kozy waste oil heater

KROLL Heaters Australia provides industrial and commercial waste oil heaters that run on waste oil. These may be configured as air and water heaters or water boilers for workshops, factories, greenhouses and homes.

Kroll combines cabinets, boilers and burners from different manufacturers as required to meet individual needs.

It's been known for years that waste oils have a similar heating energy value to conventional heating fuels. The trick was to get it to burn cleanly, safely and without pollution. Kroll believes it has done it. This means heat in abundance with virtually no running costs.

Features include:

* no special filtering required

* engine oil

* automatic transmission fluid

* gear oil

* hydraulic oil

* virtually any waste oil will run our waste oil heaters

The Kroll Kozy (shown) heats up to 300m² of floor space. Kroll waste oil heaters are available from the little Kozy up to the 200SZ which heats up to 2,000m².

Waste oil burner guns are available up to a thumping 1,000 Kw or 3,400,000 BTU output. Kroll promises to create a nice, toasty and productive work environment, as well as getting rid of waste oil, with the Kroll waste oil heaters.

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