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Kroll Waste Oil Burners efficient for usage

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Kroll Waste Oil Burners are the flexible and efficient waste oil burner among the available. Kroll waste oil burners are available in a wide range of power capabilities. 

Kroll low pressure waste oil burners are characterised by limited consumption levels, low pollutant emissions, reliability, safe working, easy installation and maintenance. 

Kroll’s burners are built to burn light, heavy, used and vegetable oils, including diesel and bio diesel oils.  

The waste oil burner functioning is based on the emulsion principle that creates an air-oil mixture burning with excellent combustion results. 

The benefits of the Kroll waste oil burners include: 
* Low power, ten different burners, choices from 20 kW to 220 kW in single stage burning (OFF/ON)
* Higher power, three different burner choices, from 150 kW to 1250 kW in dual stage burning (OFF/ONLO/ONHI) 
* Low power useful for domestic heating applications eg: space heating, hydronic heating 
* Higher power ranges suitable for commercial applications eg: greenhouse, agriculture, horticultural, automotive spray paint baking ovens, workshop space heating 
* Adaptable to all types of oil – used, waste, heavy, light, vegetable & diesel 
* Power outputs variable using oil volume control 
* Low maintenance 

With conventional diesel prices escalating, switch your heating system requirements to a Kroll waste oil fired burner solution.







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