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Kroll Introduces the New Taco Sentry Zone Valves

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Kroll Heaters Australia  supplies the Taco Zone Sentry zone valves designed to enhance the overall performance of any zone valve system.  

Zone Sentry zone valves feature patented technology that uses a microcircuit-based logic to control a gear-driven electronic actuator, which drives a ball valve-based body design.  

The patented technology delivers a high level of energy efficiency to the zone valves in addition to flow capacity (Cv), shutoff pressure rating, ease of installation, diagnostic capability and the number of valves (12) that can be used on a standard 40VA transformer.  


Taco Zone Sentry zone valves provide on-off, normally open or normally closed control in both open and closed hydronic systems.  

The zone valves can be used in a wide variety of heating and cooling applications, primarily designed for use with baseboard, fan coils, radiators, convectors, air handlers, heat pumps and radiant applications.  

Ease of installation and operation  

While being one of the most advanced zone valves in the market, Taco Zone Sentry is easy to install and operate. Flexibility is allowed for the zone valves to be installed in any direction or orientation.  

The operator is additionally mounted to the zone valve body in either direction making it ideal for tight baseboard jobs.  

Simple, secure and fast wiring hook-up is enabled with snap-in quick connects on the back of the valve. A green LED light shows full functionality of the zone valve’s operation and thermostat status.

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