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Kroll Heaters combine air heaters, burners and boilers to meet your individual requirements. With heaters that run on waste oil these can be configured as warm air/water heaters and boilers for greenhouses, factories, workshops, kilns and homes. All Waste oils, Used Oils, Diesels, heavy and light oils, Ethanol, may be burnt with Kroll waste oil burners.


Question: 23/04/13 - Waste oil can quite literally be oil that is drained from a vehicle during an oil change or drained from a fast food deep fryer. Waste oils can also ... read more
Question: 23/04/13 - If you generate a sufficient supply of your own waste oil, the cost of heating with waste oil is ZERO. If you need to purchase some or all of your waste ... read more
Question: 23/04/13 - Because waste oil is truly a waste product that cannot be safely dumped into the ground, landfills or waterways, commercial entities that generate large ... read more
Question: 23/04/13 - A typical litre of waste motor oil contains minimally 11 kw-hr (33,000 BTU or 36Mj). Waste vegetable oil heating values vary depending on the vegetable ... read more
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Supplier news
18/01/13 - Kroll Heaters presents SM8 cast iron hydronic waste oil heaters designed for 15kW to 50kW hydronic home heating and light commercial applications.
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09/01/12 - Kroll Heaters Australia presents their German made Kroll Kozy used oil heaters that use up to 3L of waste oil per hour.
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06/01/12 - Kroll Heaters Australia presents their range of BR and KGUB series of used oil burners and the Kroll Kozy and Kroll SZ series of used oil heaters.
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21/11/11 - SF6 hydronic cast iron boilers, now supplied by Kroll Heaters Australia, are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for 15 to 40kW heating applications.
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