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Law firm works from client premises

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Building and construction law firm Kreisson Legal , launched recently with a new approach that suits the time constraints of clients within this industry.

Rather than expecting clients to visit its head office in Sydney's Chifley Tower, partners of Kreisson Legal provide legal services at client's business premises to bolster communication, familiarity, and improve results.

Kreisson Legal partner David Glinatsis says the establishment of the firm is a deliberate move to provide legal services that focuses the relationship between lawyer and client.

"Normally, legal firms work from their own offices, and the typical form of contact is by phone or letter," he said.

"Therefore, what you sometimes have is a client who knows little about what is transpiring in its case and has little avenue for involvement.

"A significant portion of our work - particularly the preparation of complex litigation - is performed where our clients run their business.

"Not only does this assist customers by minimising the disruption to their business operation, by working from the client's venue of choice we can provide direct input into a matter from various tiers of management.

"These other stakeholders within our client's business have the opportunity to participate in problem solving and are able to connect better with the legal process. They also receive our exclusive and focused legal attention without having to leave their office.

"Venue of choice also enables our firm to develop a thorough understanding of our clients' businesses and gives us a more practical and commercial context in which those businesses operate."

Kreisson Legal provides a wide ambit of legal services across various industries, covered by partners with specific experience to suit:

* Commercial and business law

* Commercial agreements

* Commercial litigation

* Building and construction dispute resolution

* Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999

* Insolvency and debt recovery

* Corporate compliance

* Risk management

* Trade Practices

* Consumer Law

* Privacy

* Sign Off on Promotional/marketing materials

* Procurement processes and supplier relationship management

* Business acquisitions and disposal

* Liquor licensing

* Employment Law

"We are confident that by conducting the bulk of our businesses alongside our clients, we are able to form a better working relationship with them," Mr Glinatsis said.

"The outcome is more productivity, a far more exclusive and focused level of legal attention, and an openness that allows clients to feel confident enough to take an active involvement in everything we do for them."

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