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KH/KHR-Series industrial switches from Kraus & Naimer

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Available now from Kraus & Naimer , the new KH/KHR-Series of industrial switches feature a 4 pole switch body and symmetrically placed contacts.

KH/KHR-Series industrial switches feature an adjustable length trough shaft to offer increased stability and allow interlocking devices to be added at the end of the switch. Thanks to the reduced forces of the latching mechanism, operation of these industrial switches is also now easier.

KH/KHR-Series industrial switches are equipped with a range of safety features that meet, and often surpass, the standards of many international organisations. These safety features include:

  • positive contact movement during making and breaking operations
  • higher air creepage distances for 690V
  • finger-proof terminals up to 40A
  • optimal xcellent AC-3 and AC-23A making and breaking capabilities.
The KHR-series of switches was specially designed for connecting with ring type terminals. The terminal screw is held in place by a clamp, which allows the ring type wire lug to be easily inserted in the main terminal and tightened.

For simple installation, the switch terminations on KH/KHR-Series industrial switches are on the same plane as the power conductors.

Furthermore, these industrial switches offer significant advantages for mounting and wiring. Captive plus-minus screws and integrated screwdriver guides reduce the wiring time, and all base mounted switches feature two hole mounting as well as a 'quick mount' for standard DIN rails.

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