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Teaching resources offered by Kram Education

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Kram Education  supplies and installs wide variety of whiteboards, wall coverings, books, display boards and other teaching resources into kindergartens, schools, educational institutions, medical centres and offices.

Kram Education is the registered installer and supplier for QBUILD. Kram Education offers a wide range of Wall Carpet. Wall carpets offered by Kram Education are resistant to stain, fading, moisture and fire. Wall carpets have acoustic properties by which reverberated noise is reduced up to forty percent. They are pin, Velcro and staple compatible and are available in wide choice of thirty colours and two styles.

Kram Education also offers mobile teaching stations. Mobile teaching stations offered by Kram Education is one of the few units in the market with task management doors. Mobile Teaching Stations have been one of the most important resources for early learning programs and early literacy in primary schools. Now various schools purchase mobile teaching stations for their upper and middle school classes as well.

After receiving the feedback from teachers, Kram Education has designed a unit that is practical. Mobile Teaching Stations offered by Kram Education have pinboards attached which enable one to have either more display space or more whiteboard space depending on individual needs.

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