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Korvest Galvanisers offers services that ensure any project requirements and specifications can be met, with capabilities to hot dip galvanise a range of items of even large and difficult fabrications. Hot Dip Galvanising offers a long term solution against corrosion and other effects from the elements, with the process applying the minimum coating thickness to the steel for AS4680:2006 compliance.

Korvest Galvanisers Hot Dip Process completely immerses steel fabrications in molten zinc heated to 450⁰C

  • 14m long hot dip galvanising bath
  • Capability to galvanise structural members up to 13.5m in length with a single dip
  • Offers facilities large enough to accommodate double dipping to increase length capability
  • Depth of bath allows for large and complex steel structures to be galvanised

The galvanising process works by cleansing the steel surface and then, through the Hot Dip Process creates a metallurgical bond between the steel and a layer of zinc which protects the steel against environmental elements that can cause corrosion to occur.

The Hot Dip Process coats the entire surface including recesses and returns that often cannot be coated using alternative processes

  • Dip time is dependent on the steel thickness
  • Zinc-iron alloy layers grow on the surface of the steel
  • Overall final zinc coating mass depends on the mass and thickness of the steel product being galvanised
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