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Centrifuge galvanising is a process used to provide AS4680 compliant corrosion protection to smaller, more intricate steel items. These can include hinges, fasteners, clips or clamps. Steel is chemically treated in a similar way to regular hot dip galvanising, however during the actual dipping process, the steel is mechanically spun to provide a smooth layer of zinc and shake off any excess.

Korvest Centrifuge Galvanising offers comprehensive corrosion protection treatment of small or intricate steel components by mechanically spinning them during the galvanising process

  • Prevents excess zinc from settling on the surface of product
  • Maintains a clean, even surface
  • Suitable for threaded components or products such as clips, hinges or bolts that need to slot together

An important advantage of this method of galvanising smaller products is that only the necessary amount of zinc remains on the products themselves, as any excess cannot physically bond with the steel during the spinning process.

Korvest Centrifuge Galvanising offers fully automated and precisely controlled operation, ensuring consistent processing times and conditions

  • Ideally suited for small cast products
  • Ceramic lined kettle offers a thermal buffer should it be needed for heavier products
  • Steel is chemically treated in a similar way to regular hot dip galvanising

Korvest Galvanisers operates South Australia’s only commercial centrifuge galvanising facility.

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