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Korenix has released JetCon 1301 fiber converter

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Korenix has released JetCon 1301, an Industrial 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX Multi-Mode (JetCon1301-m)/Single-Mode (JetCon1301-s) fiber converter, which has been passed the system test of an open real-time Ethernet solution, EtherCAT. Cooperated with the testing laboratory of Backhoff, Korenix sets a successful milestone to enable real-time Ethernet-EtherCAT, a fast industrial Ethernet control in the world, over fiber optics. With a compact rugged IP 31 aluminum case and built-in link loss forwarding technology, the JetCon 1301 is specially designed to meet industrial Ethernet fiber network applications.

Real Time means a defined or deterministic time in which a system or component can react to an external event. For communication tasks, not only the defined latency (cycle time) is important, but the jitter also has to be limited. Some automation or drive applications demand real-time Ethernet that requires predictable cycle time and precision jitter in the network transmission. Unpredictable delay and jitter easily create disruption in predictable network service. During the system test, there is no noticeable Jitter between two JetCon 1301 converters connected via fiber end whereas EtherCAT devices attached to the other Ethernet end. The system has been setup and tested to meet all criterions of EtherCAT protocol.


EtherCAT is an open real-time solution that was developed by Beckhoff and is supported by the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG). With EtherCAT, it is possible, for example, to transmit 1,000 distributed I/O data points in 30 µs or to synchronize 100 axes in 100 µs. EtherCAT is flexible with regard to the installation, supports line as well as tree or star topologies and does all this without active network components such as switches or hubs. With EtherCAT, the costly Ethernet star topology can be replaced with a simple line or tree structure—no expensive infrastructure components are required. All types of Ethernet devices can be integrated via a switch or switch port.

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