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Korenix Technology launches new version serial device server

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article image JetPort 5604i redundant serial device server

Korenix Technology  has launched new JetPort 5604i industrial 4-port isolation redundant serial device server.

Users can use one IP address, Redundant Ethernet paths (RTTD Technology) to control maximum of 4 serial devices over the Ethernet.

To configure JetPort Commander, the easy- to- use utility for Windows or choose HTTPS/SSH for secured management.

JetPort 5604i series are also equipped with two types of power inputs, four 5V TTL digital inputs and two digital outputs.

JetPort 5604i especially provides 2KV isolation protection for the critical industrial environments. These are value-added feature for user to construct the field installation.

New RTTD technology:

JetPort 5604i series provide dual Ethernet ports. When the dual Ethernet ports are connected, only one path will be activated, this is known as primary path. The un-activated path will be the Backup path.

When the primary path is down, the backup path will recover Ethernet connection in less than 200ms.

5V/TTL digital input and digital output:

JetPort 5604i series provide four digital inputs and two digital outputs. It allows users to connect the termination units’ 5V TTL digital input/output.

JetPort commander allows you to monitor the status of the DI and DO, and assign the value of 0 or 1 to DO. JetPort also provides one data port for user to program DI/O get and set commands figure on the right.

The logic Low (value=0) power voltage is 0-0.8V, 0.8V is the max value. The logic high (value =1) power voltage is 2-5V, 2V is the min value. JetPort also opens one TCP socket port for DI/DO programming commands.

High voltage 2KV optical isolation protection:

JetPort 5604i equipped with 2KV optical isolation protection and 15KV ESD surge protection of serial interfaces.

Optical isolation solves the problem of ground looping which can severely garble communications, by effectively lifting the connection between the serial data line and ground at either end of the serial networking line.

High secured management:

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer or HTTP over SSL) is a web protocol built into browser that encrypts and decrypts user's page requests as well as the pages that are returned by the web server.

It is a security protocol that provides communication privacy over the Internet. By adapting HTTPS technology, encrypted data packets can be transmitted safely between the JetPort 5604i and PC web browser, preventing unauthorised access.

The SSH technology enables users to securely login to remote host computers; it uses a client/server architecture to provide secure communications between two non-trusted ends.

JetPort 5604i industrial 4-port isolation redundant serial device server :

  • 4-ports RS-422/485 with isolation to redundant Ethernet
  • Supports 2KV isolation protection
  • RTTD, Redundant to the device function dual Ethernet ports, network auto-recovery in less than 200ms
  • Four digital inputs and two digital outputs
  • Redundant power inputs by 12-48VDC terminal block and DC jack
  • Independent serial services, virtual COM, TCP server/client/tunnel and UDP connections
  • JetPort commander, easy-to-use Windows utility with smart setup wizards
  • Secured management by HTTPS and SSH
  • Event notification by Syslog, Email, SNMP trap and digital output
  • Vertical mounting by DIN rail, wall mount/desk-top

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