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Korenix Technology launch Industrial 6-Port Unmanaged RJ45/IP67 Ethernet Switch

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article image JetNet 3006-RJ 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet switch

JetNet 3006-RJ 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet switch from Korenix Technology is specifically designed for the toughest industrial environments. JetNet 3006-RJ is constructed of a rugged weather tight aluminium case and designed with six IP67 rated RJ45 Ethernet ports, which provide a waterproof and dust-tight connection.

The JetNet 3006-RJ can be easily adopted in all kinds of applications and provides the most rugged solutions for the network in outdoor, offshore, railway, moving vehicles, factory automation, coal mines, petrochemical factories, food/beverage industries and plant floors.

JetNet 3006-RJ is designed ultra rugged for the toughest industrial usage. The enclosure is made of strong, corrosion resistant and non-combustible aluminium case. The enclosure is designed with a thick 50mm top face plate, which makes JetNet 3006-RJ able to survive from constant shock and heavy impact. The aluminium case protects JetNet 3006-RJ against corrosion in environments such as offshore, coal mines and petrochemical factories.

The non-combustible property of the case also ensures that the JetNet 3006-RJ will not emit toxic fumes, when exposed to extreme high temperatures. This is a suitable device for applications where hygiene requirements are of concern, such as food processing, beverage bottling or pharmaceutical manufacturing.Commercial RJ45 connectors are not designed for harsh environment and usually experienced to link failure and data loss under heavy industrial usages. JetNet 3006-RJ replaces the commercial RJ45 connectors with rugged IP67 grade RJ45 connectors for greater protection against water and dust to eliminate link lost or data failure from constant wash down, vibration and shock. The connector can be assembled with a STP (Shield Twisted Pair) cable to protect data transmission from EMI disturbances. With this robust enhancement, the JetNet 3006-RJ guarantees a reliable connection and data integrity for harsh environment usages.

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