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Korenix Technology introduce traffic light control systems

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article image The Ethernet ring redundant solution

Korenix Technology  offer JetPort/JetCon series which provide combination for the traffic control application operating under harsh environment. The JetPort 5601 needs to be connected to the traffic light controller and linked to the JetNet 4508f through Ethernet followed by reporting the signals generated to the control centre. By using this network architecture demonstrated in the picture, it provides Ethernet ring redundant solution assuring a non-stop data transmitting to the traffic control system. Fibre module in single mode of the JetNet 4508f extends the network connectivity.

For intelligent traffic system, it requires Ethernet redundant mechanism, RS-232/422 to Ethernet converter to remote control traffic light and other traffic sign/ display. Fibre converter becomes a must since the remote control traffic light maybe located kilometers apart. In the diagram below, each circle represents 4 sets of traffic light from 4 intersections, and the traffic information is collected and transmitted back to the traffic control centre instantly through the JetCon2301’s Fibre connection.

Korenix Technology's main products include JetNet 4508f industrial 8-port managed fibre Ethernet rail switch, JetCon 2301 industrial fast Ethernet to fibre media converter and JetPort 5601 industrial 1-port RS-232/422/485 redundant serial device server. JetNet 4508f provides super ring technology-back up system recovery time, dual homing and couple ring. JetCon 2301 features remote Link Loss Forwarding (LLF) technology which provides remote link down signal forwarding and acknowledging link events. 3-in-1 serial configuration - JetPort 5601 serial port supports RS-232/422, 2/4 wire RS485.

Korenix Technology have 8 major product lines which include JetRock series IP67/68 industrial Ethernet switch, JetNet series industrial managed and unmanaged redundant Ethernet rail switch, JetPoE Switch Series include PoE managed and unmanaged switch, JetBox series communication computer, JetPort series RS-232/422/485 3-in-1 device server, JetI/O Ethernet-based block I/O modules, JetCon series industrial serial/Ethernet/fibre media converter and JetCard series Multiport serial card.

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