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Korenix MSR Redundant Ring and VRRP Router Redundancy supported in JetBox Linux Computers

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Korenix Technology  offers the JetBox series powerful multifunctional Linux computers with the MSR Network Redundancy technology to guarantee high reliability for transmitted data.  

Integrated in an optional CF card, the MSR redundant ring enables JetBox users to have non-stop data transmissions without link loss and data failure through its unique capabilities of less than 5ms recovery time and zero (0) ms seamless restoration.

In addition to communicating data, the JetBox 9400/ 9500 series embedded platforms are designed to remotely control networks through built-in Linux and can form MSR rings by themselves or with Korenix managed switches to perform enhanced networking and computing.  

By adding JetBox in a ring, users can transmit data reliably as well as perform extended serial control, Modbus gateway, wireless 3G/WiFi communication as well as Linux customisation.  

Additionally, the MSR in JetBox enables users to provide VRRP router redundancy for reliable routing performance.

MSR users can also set up industrial networks with automatic ring master and redundant path selection to control ring status as well as promptly react to failures through notifications and alarms.  

MSR in JetBox allows: 

  • 5ms failure recovery
  • 0ms restoration
  • VRRP router redundancy
  • JetNet compatibility
  • Ring failure alarm

Korenix JetBox models supporting MSR include: 

  • JetBox 9430-w Embedded 4-port VPN Routing Computer
  • JetBox 9432-w Embedded 4-port Serial VPN Routing Computer
  • JetBox 9530 Embedded 4-Port PoE VPN Routing Computer
  • JetBox 9532 Embedded 4-Port Serial and 4-Port PoE VPN Routing Computer
  • JetBox 9535 Embedded 8-Port PoE VPN Routing Computer

Korenix JetBox 9400/ 9500 series are Linux-based VPN systems designed with a rich multifunctional interface, including LAN/ PoE, WAN, USB, DIO, Serial and console ports to deliver maximum flexibility to IPC providers.  

The JetBox series allows users to efficiently manage extended network groups using Layer 3 routing, perform remote secure access through VPN, and ensure easy customisation and advanced control through performance-optimised Linux computing design.

By combining the MSR network redundancy technology into the robust IP31 grade fanless design with vibration and shock resistance as well as wide operating temperature ranges of -25ºC~+70ºC/ -40ºC~+85ºC, the JetBox 9500/ 9400 series platforms are all-in-one solutions that can replace a number of multifunctional devices and provide secure networking and control in harsh industrial applications.

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