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JetNet 4000 with VLAN and IGMP snooping features

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AS the industrial world is adapting more and more Ethernet solutions, and the Ethernet nodes are increasing each day, it becomes more difficult to maintain sufficient network bandwidth if not managed properly.

Korenix Technology’s JetNet 4000 series support VLAN and IGMP snooping to help users manage the bandwidth easily even though the traffic increases dramatically.

VLAN (Virtual LAN) provides many benefits to a network for industrial applications. Via software, VLAN groups devices into a logical subgroup within a local area network regardless of the physical LAN segment they are attached.

VLAN protects important industrial devices or systems from unauthorised access. With VLAN function, devices from a different LAN cannot communicate or access your LAN, providing extra security to the entire network.

The VLAN function also can restrain the traffic within a VLAN. It ensures that the traffic only circulates within a sub-domain without broadcasting over the entire network. By doing so, network performance can be improved on a large scale.

Another advantage of VLAN is that when an industrial device is physically moved to another location, it can stay on the same VLAN without any hardware reconfiguration.

IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) plays a significant role in industrial automation, especially for VOIP (Video Over IP) applications.

IGMP may be used with some field bus protocols over Ethernet, such as Siemens Profinet, Rockwell EtherNet/IP, and Foundation Fieldbus HSE (High Speed Ethernet).

These industrial Ethernet protocols make extensive use of publisher/subscriber communications models by multicasting packets over the network. For this reason, multicasting traffic floods in a network, since a switch cannot determine which multicasting strings belong to which group of users. It simply broadcasts over the entire network. It can consume a lot of bandwidth if many servers are multicasting and sending streams to a certain segment.

The purpose of IGMP snooping is to restrain multicasting traffic in a switched network. By filtering the multicasting traffic and sorting it to corresponding group of devices, a switch forwards messages only to the interface that is interested in the traffic. It ensures that the right data will be only sent to the right destination. It will reduce the total amount of traffic on the entire network.

The JetNet 4000 series includes four models - JetNet 4008 (8 10/100BaseTX), JetNet 4008f (6 10/100Base, 2 100BaseFX), JetNet 4005 (5 10/100BaseTX) and JetNet 4005f (4 10/100Base, 1 100BaseFX).

All JetNet 4000 series support web configuration and network redundancy ring topology.

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