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JetBox Series of Tftp File Transfer Protocols from Korenix Technology

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Korenix Technology presents their range of JetBox Tftp File Transfer Protocols with industrial embedded networking and routing computers, which provides administrators with easy maintenance and simple file transfers between host PC and the Jetbox.

The tftp (trivial file transfer protocol) are simple file transfer protocols that enable administrators to remotely navigate files, on the JetBox Series, from a host PC to upload and download and as well as remotely upgrade firmware of the JetBox.

The JetBox Series from Korenix Technology includes:

  • JetBox 9500 series - Industrial Embedded PoE VPN Router Computer
  • JetBox 9400 series - Industrial Embedded VPN Router Computer
  • JetBox 5300-w - Industrial Linux Communication Computer
  • JetBox 3300 series - Industrial Embedded Linux Computer
The Korenix JetBox Series features a wide range of embedded networking platforms with rugged fanless enclosures and multiple interfaces. The Jetbox Series also includes Korenix embedded Linux, the JetOS for ensuring remote control and computing and data communication in industrial-grade applications.

The JetBox Series, from Korenix Technology, provides Ethernet transmission and remote digital and signal control through LAN, WAN, PoE, DIO and Serial ports, as well as wireless 3G/wifi communication through the USB ports and mobile expansion slots.

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