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JetBox 9300, from Korenix Technology , has invented 5 in 1 industrial networking computer which consolidates industrial computer, router and managed switch with option of PoE switch.

In addition, it equipped with the interfaces of serial server and ethernet I/O is making the network simple.

In a networking communication environment, router, switch and computer are indispensable devices to a typical networking architecture. The demand for data exchange between simple sensors, various I/O controllers, serial devices, PoE switches, routers, wireless LAN and desktop systems increases.

These networking equipment would be faced the difficulty and complexity of software/hardware compatibility.

JetBox 9300 can easily be the central computer in automatic control systems; it collects the system signals and controls the on-site devices.

JetBox 9300 can monitor the whole control system through its router and ethernet switch functionalities by forming the control system to a simple network with ethernet.

In addition, it is equipped with serial server and I/O controller which can monitor the serial devices in the control system along with I/O signals collection, it is the total solution of networking computer.

JetBox 9300 is a patented 5 in 1 networking computer:

Industrial computer

  • RISC, 64MB SDRAM, Fan-less and wide operation temp (-25 ~ 70°C))
  • Linux, Modbus gateway for ready to use
  • 2 USB, SD card for control program upgraded

Router (5 ethernet ports)

  • Free combination between WAN and LAN
  • IP routed, static routing, NAT, firewall, DMZ

Managed switch

  • SNMP v1/v2c/v3
  • QoS, VLAN (802.1Q, port-based)

Serial device server

  • 2-port RS232 communication port
  • 2-port RS422/485 communication port

Digital I/O controller

  • 2 Digital input
  • 2 Digital output

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