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Control RS232 devices with JetPort 5201 Serial Device Server

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MOST industrial devices use RS232 serial port as the main data transfer method since they are easy and cheap to implement.

The types of devices include shop tills, bar code scanners, weighing scales, sensors, medical instruments, industrial machines and other systems that need control information or collect data.

The devices communicate with PCs directly or cross TCPIP network by serial device servers.

Korenix's new device server, JetPort 5201, brings serial devices to TCP/IP network with various working options.

"Virtual COM" mode extends the COM port range and adds the possibilities to share the COM port over the network.

Simply install JetPort's free Windows tool, JetPort Commander, and users can find Virtual COM Wizard to add the COM ports in just a few clicks.

TCP and UDP modes are used when network socket programs are required to control the devices.

JetPort can act as TCP Server that waits for TCP connection requests, or as TCP Client that actively sends TCP connection requests to remote hosts.

If network socket programs are using UDP connections, JetPort can also be configured as UDP Server/Client, that sends data simultaneously without connection requests first.

Serial Tunnel mode connect two JetPort as a pair and creates transparent serial to Ethernet tunnel to the destination pair.

The mode makes Ethernet network an extension to traditional serial communications that has limitation of 15m RS232 transmission distance.

JetPort 5201 is part of Korenix JetPort product line.

Features include:

* World's highest serial speed: 460.8kbps

* JetPort Commander, Windows utility for auto discovery, multiple device setting and monitoring

* Versatile serial operation options: Virtual Com, Serial tunnel, TCP server, TCP client, UDP

* Up to 5 simultaneous Virtual COM, TCP server, TCP client connections

* Configuration by Windows, Web, telnet

* Event warning by email, SNMP trap

* Virtual COM driver for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.

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