Kontron Australia News

SGET certifies Kontron’s innovative Computer-on-Module standard for ARM/SoC processors
26.02.2013 - Kontron Australia announces the official ratification of the new SMARC Computer-on-Modules specification by the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGET).
Kontron M2M Smart Services Developer Kit supports Cumulocity M2M Application Platform
21.12.2012 - Kontron Australia announces that the Kontron M2M Smart Services Developer Kit now fully supports the Cumulocity M2M Application Platform.
PLX and Kontron announce PCI Express Fabric breakthrough
20.12.2012 - Embedded computing specialist Kontron Australia announces an industry breakthrough in the deployment of PCI Express (PCIe) technology as a backplane interconnect solution.
Kontron enables highly scalable ultra-low power applications with Freescale i.MX6-based ULP-COM Computer-on-Modules
29.11.2012 - Kontron Australia announces the release of the second new module in the ULP-COM (Ultra Low Power) standard.
Kontron launches ARM-based ultra low power Computer-on-Module
04.10.2012 - Kontron Australia announces the launch of a new range of ARM-based ultra low power modules designed to reduce cost and energy consumption of imaging-centric low profile applications.
Kontron’s new OPS compliant KOPS800 series modular digital signage solutions
22.05.2012 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of a new open pluggable specification (OPS) compliant solution.
Kontron’s new COM Express compact Computer-on-Module with Intel Atom dual-core processor
30.04.2012 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of the new Kontron COM Express compact Computer-on-Module COMe-cCT6, a new range of energy-efficient entry-level multicore modules based on next-generation
Two new variants enhance Kontron’s COMe-cOH range of COM Express Computer-on-Modules
20.04.2012 - Kontron Australia announces the availability of two new variants in its COMe-cOH# range of COM Express compact Computer-on-Modules.
Kontron AM4150 AdvancedMC processor modules with 64-bit Dual-Core Freescale QorIQ processor
27.02.2012 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of the powerful AdvancedMC processor module AM4150.
Kontron and Napatech to exhibit carrier grade network analysis platform during Mobile World Congress 2012
23.02.2012 - Kontron Australia announces a technology collaboration between Kontron and Napatech to demonstrate a live telecom network analysis platform based on the off-the-shelf, NEBS-compliant Kontron communica
Kontron and Cavium to demonstrate live 40G carrier grade deep packet inspection during Mobile World Congress 2012
22.02.2012 - Kontron Australia announces a joint live demonstration with Cavium, Inc. at the Mobile World Congress 2012 to illustrate how telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) can achieve 1Tbps of multi-functiona
Kontron announces deployable industrial temp-rated platform for smart M2M applications
21.02.2012 - Kontron Australia announces the availability of the Kontron KM2M806XT, a new range of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) deployable systems.
Kontron to showcase new 10G ATCA processor blade and carrier grade communication rackmount server at Mobile World Congress
20.02.2012 - Kontron Australia announces that the new ATCA processor blade and carrier grade communication rackmount server based on future Intel Xeon processor E5 family will be showcased at the Mobile World Cong
Kontron introduces new FS3100 NEBS-compliant storage and networking server
17.02.2012 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of the FS3100 storage and networking server for the telecom segment.
Kontron 10G ATCA open modular platform enhanced for designing 4G LTE and carrier cloud network infrastructure
27.01.2012 - Kontron Australia has announced the full production availability of its 10G ATCA open modular platform OM9141-10G for the telecom equipment manufacturing industry.
Kontron 6U CompactPCI boards with 2nd generation Intel Core i7 processors for harsh environments
16.01.2012 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of two new rugged 6U CompactPCI PICMG 2.16 compliant processor boards featuring 2nd generation Intel Core i7 processor technology.
Kontron Australia introduces second generation AMC Packet Processor module AM4211
13.01.2012 - Kontron Australia introduces the second generation of Kontron AMC Packet Processor module AM4211 for MicroTCA platforms
Three new Kontron embedded motherboards with 2nd generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors
11.01.2012 - Kontron Australia announces the launch of three new embedded motherboards in the ATX and Flex-ATX form factors featuring the 2nd generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 desktop and mobile processors.
Kontron’s new application ready industrial automation platforms reduce OEM cost and R&D time
16.12.2011 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of two application-ready computing platforms for industrial automation.
New Kontron COM Express compact module offers a simplified upgrade path with dual-core Intel Atom processor
15.12.2011 - Kontron Australia announces the expansion of its COM Express compact form factor portfolio to now include the high-performance dual-core Intel Atom processor D525 @1.80GHz on the redesigned Kontron mi
Kontron defines new Computer-on-Module standard creating low-power, scalable, out-of-the-box solutions
14.12.2011 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of a newly defined Computer-on-Module (COM) standard for their upcoming ultra low power embedded architecture platform family.
Kontron ETX 3.0 Computer-On-Module ETX-OH extends application lifecycles with the AMD Embedded G-Series
13.12.2011 - Kontron Australia announces the release of the new ETX 3.0 Computer-on-Module ETX-OH with AMD's highly integrated, energy-efficient embedded G-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APU).
Kontron embedded Box-PC MICROSPACE MPC-p2 with AMD embedded G-Series provides superior graphics performance
12.12.2011 - Leading embedded computing technology company Kontron Australia has introduced the embedded Box-PC MICROSPACE MPC-p2, an extremely compact system for graphic intensive applications.
Now available from Kontron is the embedded Box-PC MICROSPACE MPC-pONE with Intel Atom Z5xx processor
21.11.2011 - These box PCs are available application ready straight off of the shelf and have been designed to suit applications that involve space, cost and power restrictions.
New powerful, ruggedised Kontron CP6930-RM 20/32 port 10 Gigabit Ethernet rackmount switches
21.10.2011 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of its new powerful 10 Gigabit Ethernet rackmount switches featuring up to 32 ports.
Kontron configuration management software OMVIU delivers powerful GUI to MicroTCA applications
17.10.2011 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of its new application-ready MicroTCA Starterkit .
Kontron provides Airborne Equipment for Lufthansa Systems
23.09.2011 - Kontron Australia will be the supplier for Lufthansa Systems and their BoardConnect wireless onboard in-flight entertainment solution.
Kontron provides Connectivity Solutions for Airlines and Airport Authorities
20.09.2011 - Kontron Australia has partnered with Thales to design and manufacture the Enhanced Terminal Wireless LAN Unit for GateSync System.
Kontron application-ready 4U rackmount servers offer long-term operation for military applications
30.08.2011 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of a new range of 4U rackmount servers designed specifically for military server applications.
KISS 4U Rack Mount Servers available from Kontron Australia
29.08.2011 - Kontron Australia presents the 4U Rack Mount Server KISS 4U PCI760 MIL-STD designed for long-term military applications.
Kontron KISS 4U PCI761 rugged industrial rack-mount server now available
28.07.2011 - Kontron has recently announced the release of the Kontron Industrial Silent Server KISS 4U PCI761 rugged industrial server.
Kontron MICROSPACE MSM-LP Dual Core PCI/104-Express Single Board Computers for Demanding Environments
12.05.2011 - Kontron Australia presents a new range of PCI/104-Express single board computers (SBCs) designed specifically to perform reliably in harsh demanding environments.
New Kontron PC/104-Plus Single Board Computers with AMD Embedded G-Series
11.05.2011 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of the Kontron PC/104-Plus single board computers (SBCs) for compact multimedia applications.
Kontron 2.5-Inch Pico-ITX Embedded Single Board Computers with AMD Embedded G-Series
10.05.2011 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of the new 2.5-inch Pico-ITX embedded single board computers (SBCs). KTA55/pITX is Kontron’s smallest SBC platform based on the AMD Embedded G-Series with
Kontron Australia has developed the KISS 4U KTC-5520 Transportation rack mount server
13.04.2011 - The KISS 4U KTC-5520 Transportation rack mount server from Kontron Australia consolidates passenger infotainment applications used in trains.
Kontron Presents Rugged OBSERVO Surveillance Data Recording Server for Harsh Environments
12.04.2011 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of the new application-ready Kontron rugged RAID data server OBSERVO, specially designed for surveillance data recording in harsh environments.
Kontron KTLX800/pITX Optimised 2.5-Inch Pico-ITX Embedded Single Board Computer with AMD Geode LX800
07.04.2011 - Kontron Australia announces the release of the new 2.5-inch Pico-ITX embedded single board computer KTLX800/pITX offering cost and power efficiency in a small form factor.
New Kontron Embedded Motherboards Support 2nd Generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 Processors
30.03.2011 - Kontron Australia announces the release of two new embedded motherboards built on the 2nd generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors to offer best-in-class performance.
Kontron Expands VPX Ecosystem with 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 Processor Support
28.03.2011 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of the new 3U VPX CPU board VX3035 based on the 2nd generation Intel Core i7 processor.
Kontron COM Express Computer-on-Module Accelerates Processing with AMD Embedded G-Series APUs
21.03.2011 - Kontron Australia announces the launch of the microETXexpress-OH, their new Computer-on-Module in the space-saving COM Express compact form factor.
2nd Generation Intel Core i5/i7 Processors available on Kontron 6U CompactPCI Processor Boards
16.03.2011 - A new range of 6U CompactPCI processor boards based on 2nd generation Intel Core i5/i7 mobile processor technology is now available from Kontron Australia.
Kontron Double-Width AdvancedMC Processor Module AM5020 with Intel Core I7 Processor
28.02.2011 - Kontron, a leader in embedded computing technology introduces its powerful double-width AdvancedMC processor module AM5020 for telecommunications applications.
Kontron Updates 10G and 40G ATCA Platforms for TEMs to Build 4G LTE EPC, IPTV and GPON Infrastructure
18.02.2011 - Kontron introduces two new Open Modular Core platforms in an updated program to help telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) migrate to 40G-ready ATCA platforms.
Kontron Launches Powerful 64-Core Cavium Networks Dual OCTEON II 40G ATCA Packet Processor Blade
17.02.2011 - Kontron, a specialist in embedded computing technology introduces the 40GbE ATCA packet processor blade designed with two powerful OCTEON II cnMIPS64 multi-core processors from Cavium Networks.
Kontron’s nanoETXexpress 2.0 Specification Approved for Credit Card-Sized COM Express Modules
20.01.2011 - Kontron announces the approval and release of the nanoETXexpress 2.0 specification for ultra small COM Express Computer-on-Modules.
New Kontron PCI-761 industrial server board for image processing applications
21.12.2010 - Kontron has introduced the PICMG 1.3 System Host Board Kontron PCI-761, a slot card-sized industrial server board which is equipped with the Intel Q57 Express chipset.
Kontron Micro Client IIA 170 Intel Atom-Based Touch Panel PCs Available in 5 Sizes
13.12.2010 - Kontron Australia offers a new line of fanless thin panel PCs in five sizes ranging from 7 inches to 17 inches.
Kontron CP3002 Completes Series of 3U CompactPCI Processor Boards Based on Intel Core i7 Processor
09.12.2010 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of a new range of air-cooled processor boards to their 3U CompactPCI series.
Kontron microETXexpress Starterkit VxWorks Selected for Editor’s Choice Award
08.12.2010 - According to Kontron Australia, their microETXexpress Starterkit VxWorks has been selected as an Editor’s Choice Product by PC/104 and Small Form Factors Magazine.
Kontron Embedded Application Programming Interface for Simplified Access and Control of Hardware Resources
01.12.2010 - Kontron Australia announces the launch of the new Kontron cross-platform middleware at this year’s SPS/IPC/DRIVES fair in Nuremberg, Germany.
Kontron Introduces Computer-on-Module nanoETXexpress-TTc Optimised for Commercial Temperature Range
30.11.2010 - Kontron Australia introduces the new Computer-on-Module nanoETXexpress-TTc optimised for the commercial temperature range.
Kontron PCIe/104 MICROSPACE MSMST SBC with Configurable Intel Atom E600C Processor
29.11.2010 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of a new range of PCIe/104 embedded single board computers (SBC) based on the Intel Atom E600C processor series.
Kontron COM Express FPGA Starterkit Enables Quick Evaluation with Flexible I/O
26.11.2010 - Kontron Australia announces the introduction of the new COM Express starter kit featuring the Altera Cyclone IV GX FPGA.
RPD-1171/RPD-1178 KVM Switches available from Kontron Australia
19.11.2010 - Kontron Australia introduces the RPD-1171/RPD-1178 KVM Switches, specifically designed to optimize space utilization by controlling the systems in just a 1U rack space.
NotePAC Ultra - M230N Rugged Notebooks available from Kontron Australia
18.11.2010 - Kontron Australia introduces the NotePAC Ultra - M230N Rugged Notebooks, compact Notebook Computers that meet and exceed standards set by industry and the military.
Kontron's CP-HDD-S-KIT: a flexible and high-speed storage solution 3U and 6U CompactPCI
18.10.2010 - Kontron recently announced the release of a high-speed storage solution for 3U and 6U CompactPCI systems, the Kontron CP-HDD-S-KIT.
Compact MicroTCA integrated platform with up to four double-width full-size AdvancedMC modules, from Kontron
05.10.2010 - Kontron recently introduced the compact Kontron MicroTCA platform OM6040D, an integrated platform specifically designed for up to four high-end AdvancedMCs.
Kontron Introduces New 3U CompactPCI Building Blocks for Rolling-Stock and Rugged In-Vehicle Applications
30.09.2010 - Kontron Australia is the Australian operation of Kontron, a global leader in embedded computing technology.
Kontron Vehicle Management System for Ticketing, Fleet Management and Communication in Public Transportation
29.09.2010 - Kontron is premiering the Kontron Venturo vehicle management system at the InnoTrans in Berlin.
Kontron HMITR Rugged Display Computers for Mobile Applications
28.09.2010 - Kontron announced the release of the EN50155-compliant 10.4-inch Kontron HMITR display computers at the InnoTrans.
Kontron microETXexpress Starter Kits for Wind River VxWorks 6.8
15.09.2010 - Kontron is introducing the Kontron microETXexpress Starterkit VxWorks validated by Wind River for design applications.
Kontron COM Express Basic Form Factor Computer-on-Module ETXexpress-AI, Now With New Type 6 Pin-Out
07.09.2010 - Kontron presents an additional version of the Computer-on-Module ETXexpress-AI based on the new COM Express Type 6 pin-out definition.
CB 752 Embedded Box PCs now available in Extended Temperature Version from Kontron
16.08.2010 - Kontron Australia has once again expanded their product line of extended temperature boards and systems.
3U CompactPCI IPv4/v6 Kontron Gigabit Ethernet Switch CP3923
14.07.2010 - Kontron announced today the latest member of the 3U CompactPCI product family for IPv4/v6 communication networks and network-centric applications: the Kontron Gigabit Ethernet Switch CP3923.
Kontron 4U Backplane xPB-13E9P3: PICMG 1.3-compliant backplane for PCI Express Gen 2 system designs
14.07.2010 - COTS backplane offers impressive bandwidth and configuration flexibility with 32 PCIe lanes and three PCI slots.
High-performance IPv4/IPv6 Kontron Gigabit Ethernet Switch VX3910 for VPX and OpenVPX platforms
09.07.2010 - 28 Gigabit Ethernet ports and comprehensive management features for extremely rugged 3U system designs.
Kontron Industrial Silent Server KISS 4U KTC5520 brings latest dual Intel Xeon performance to extended environmental conditions
07.07.2010 - The Kontron Industrial Silent Server KISS 4U KTC5520, is a highly robust and long-term available open standard platform, offering up to dual Intel Xeon 5600 Series processors.
High-performance IPv4/IPv6 Kontron Gigabit Ethernet Switch from Kontron
02.07.2010 - New Kontron Gigabit Ethernet Switch VX3910 with 3U VPX (VITA 46.x) and OpenVPX (VITA 65) platforms Enterprise-Class Switching functionality and advanced management features.
High performance IPv4/IPv6 Kontron Gigabit Ethernet Switch VX3910 for VPX and OpenVPX platforms
21.06.2010 - The new Kontron Gigabit Ethernet Switch VX3910 offers 3U VPX (VITA 46.x) and OpenVPX (VITA 65) platforms Enterprise-Class Switching functionality with a total of 28 Gigabit Ethernet ports.
TRUMPF migrates from VME to customized Computer-on-Module design
16.03.2010 - With the migration from VMEbus to a solution with Computer-on-Modules on tailor made carrier boards, the new laser control from TRUMPF Laser GmbH & Co. KG retains such outstanding characteristics as robustness, modularity, and long-term availability.
Kontron Embedded Motherboards support Intel Active Management Technology
12.03.2010 - The latest embedded motherboards – like those from Kontron - support Intel AMT, an integral part of current embedded Intel processors.
Paperback format, mobile Panel PCs with ZigBee interfaces
11.03.2010 - The new eVISIO7 panel concept from b-plus which can be used in mobile and stationary applications is based on b-plus’s own ePDA carrierboards with credit card-sized Kontron nanoETXexpress Computer-on-Modules for scalable CPU implementation.
Automotive Electronics: Multi-functional Infotainment Platform from ICT Software Engineering
08.03.2010 - In the automotive industry, Intel’s Atom technology is paving the way for new, significantly improved and more efficient, multi-functional applications.
Secure Network Communications: One of the Top Five Most Compute-Intensive Defense Applications
04.03.2010 - New and evolving technology initiatives such as Brigade Combat Team Modernization, JTRS and WIN-T (rely heavily on secure communications and sharing vital information on the battlefield.
Medical Computing Platforms - Which platforms offer investment security?
03.03.2010 - Both the new multi-core as well as the so-called "Small Form Factor (SFF) processors enable medical device manufacturers to develop entirely new device generations.
NFC Terminals need x86 interactivity
01.03.2010 - Tipro Deutschland is working on digital money trays with full PC functionality based on the Intel Atom processor.
True low power x86 boards are completely dedicated to the application’s needs
26.02.2010 - The more energy saving functionalities the board vendor supports, the easier it will be to design the low power system.
Switching from form factors to services
25.02.2010 - The Embedded Computer Industry’s has achieved a wide acceptance of its modular xTCA embedded form factors with their packet switching backplanes.
Kontron expands on-module feature set of its nanoETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Modules
25.11.2009 - Kontron has introduced an updated design for the credit card-sized (55mm x 84 mm ) Intel Atom processor-based Kontron nanoETXexpress-SP Computer-on-Modules
Kontron Nano Client 10.4": Panel PC with Intel Atom processor in a stainless steel housing
04.11.2009 - The new Kontron Nano Client 10.4" is a fanless Touch Panel PC with Intel Atom Z5xx Processor.
Kontron's long-term available industrial server KISS 4U KTQ45 offers comprehensive remote management features
04.11.2009 - Kontron's new, long-term available industrial server Kontron KISS4U KTQ45 offers highest level data processing for industrial applications thanks to its attractive Intel® Core™2 Quad processor Q9400 performance and wide range of management features.
Kontron unveils new 1U MicroTCA platform for carrier environments
02.11.2009 - Kontron today introduced the Kontron OM6061, a carrier grade 1U MicroTCA platform ideal for a wide assortment of Central Office and service aggregation point applications.
Kontron introduce the Concept Box 751 fanless dualcore embedded box PC
12.10.2009 - The Kontron Concept Box 751 is Kontron's new compact Embedded Box PC with a dual core processor.
Kontron presents XMC-ETH2 gigabit Ethernet mezzanine board
09.10.2009 - Faster inter- and intraconnect for robust dual CompactPCI, VME or VPX systems available from Kontron.
Panel PC with Intel Atom processor in stainless steel enclosure
02.10.2009 - Operation and display terminals for the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries have to be built so they can be disinfected and easily cleaned.
High performance VME CPU board
02.10.2009 - As a safety critical system, ILTOR-2 needs to process and forward information in an acceptable time frame.
Smart roads help tyres keep their grip
01.10.2009 - ProContour has developed a system that uses a digital high-speed camera embedded in the roadway to capture a real-time 3D profile of the tyre surface and calculate tread depth as cars move past at highway speeds.
Kontron presents first embedded computer platforms with Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 support
30.09.2009 - On the Intel Atom Day, staged on September 23 in Munich’s Allianz Arena, Kontron demonstrated the latest features of Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3, officially published one day earlier.
Kontron AG extends rugged product portfolio with their DIGITAL-LOGIC AG
22.09.2009 - Compact, ruggedized computers complement company’s harsh environment expertise
Kontron wins prestigious PCB design award
21.09.2009 - The R&D design centre of Kontron, represented in Australia by Kontron Australia, has won the top award in the category Computers, Blades and Servers, Memory Systems.
Kontron KISS 1U Short: A new range of mini industrial servers
21.07.2009 - Kontron's new 1U mini-format industrial server range Kontron KISS 1U Short feature a 25 percent reduced installation depth.
Kontron evaluation kit for compact, COM Express compatible Computer-on-Modules
02.07.2009 - The Kontron microETXexpress evaluation kit offers developers a fast introduction into the compact class of COM Express compatible Computer-on-Modules.
Kontron VM6250 multi-processor board
16.06.2009 - Kontron VM6250 multi-processor board delivers highly flexible multi-processor performance for air cooled and rugged conduction cooled environments.
Kontron highlight optimal interchangability of PICMG carrier board design guide 1.0
01.06.2009 - Kontron welcome the publication of the COM Express carrier board design guide 1.0 by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG). As a next step, a PICMG specification for smalle
microETXexpress-DC Computer-on-Module available from Kontron Australia
21.05.2009 - Kontron Australia’s new microETXexpress-DC Computer-on-Module offers a host of features coupled with higher graphic performance for the development of mini devices. The microETXexpress-DC Computer-on-
Kontron 3U VPX board selected as Editor’s choice product by VME and Critical Systems magazine
18.05.2009 - Kontron Australia have announced that their new 3U VPX board has been selected as an Editor’s Choice Product by VME and Critical Systems magazine.
Kontron Introduce KTC5520-EATX server boards
05.05.2009 - Kontron, represented by Kontron Australia, have introduced the Kontron KTC5520-EATX, their first foray into the server board market segment, thereby adding a server class category to their portfolio o
Kontron JRexplus-DC Single Board Computers available from Kontron Australia
01.05.2009 - Kontron JRexplus Single Board Computers (SBC) with the new Kontron JRexplus-DC
Kontron CP308 3U CompactPCI CPU board with 45nm Intel Core 2 Duo processor
29.04.2009 - Kontron Australia have introduced the Kontron CP308, a high-performance 3U CompactPCI CPU board equipped with the 45nm Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
AdvancedTCA Quad-Core node blades from Kontron Australia
24.04.2009 - Kontron, represented by Kontron Australia, have released their new AdvancedTCA 10 Gigabit node blade, the Kontron AT8050, designed with the new Intel Xeon 5500 Platform with an advanced 45nm quad-core
KTGM45 embedded motherboards available from Kontron Australia
23.04.2009 - Kontron, represented by Kontron Australia, present three new embedded motherboards with 45nm Intel Core 2 Quad and Intel Core 2 Duo processors in the form factors Mini-ITX, Flex-ATX and ATX. The Kontr
Kontron AG raise revenue and earnings
22.04.2009 - Kontron AG, represented by Kontron Australia, brought the 2008 financial year to a successful conclusion despite the global financial and economic crisis. The targets that had been set and announced,
Kontron Australia to design OCTEON II multicore MIPS64 processors
20.04.2009 - Kontron Australia have announced their intentions to design the OCTEON II processors with Cavium Networks, providers of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for networking, commun
Aaeon, Adlink, Advantech and Kontron Australia jointly release nanoETXexpress 1.0 specification
17.04.2009 - The small Computer-on-Modules form factor, nanoETXexpress (84mm x 55mm), originally initiated by Kontron Australia, is gaining momentum and acceptance in the market.
VDC forecast growth for Computer-on-Modules with COM Express type 1 connector available from Kontron Australia
16.04.2009 - According to latest reports from the market research company, VDC, COM Express Computer-on-Modules with the COM Express Type 1 connector, available from Kontron Australia, will attain an annual growth of 70% and secure a market share of 21% in 2010.
New E²Brain EB8347 processor available from Kontron
07.06.2007 - The E²Brain (Embedded Electronic Brain) EB8347 is based on Freescale’s MPC8port, TTL flat panel interface, two USB 2.0 ports (480 Mbit/s) and 1008 MIPS @ 533 MH, two functions can be integrated into COMs.
Aaeon and Seco support ETX 3.0
10.08.2006 - TWO more companies - Aaeon and Seco - have now signed on to support the new 3.0 Specification of the Computer-on-Module Standard ETX, initiated by Kontron, and supported by MSC, Evalue and Adlink. Other providers of ETX modules also plan to support E
RoHS-compliant COM with AMD LX800 processor
14.03.2006 - KONTRON has launched the RoHS-compliant ETX-LX with the energy-saving 0.9W/500MHz AMD LX800 processor. The EMI-tolerant ETX-LX offers 4 x USB 2.0, graphics integrated in the AMD GEODE CS5536 chipset and supports the economical DDR SODIMM storage modu
Kontron attains premier membership status in Intel Communications Alliance
21.09.2005 - KONTRON AG has been promoted in the Intel Communications Alliance to premier membership status. Kontron has a strong commitment to providing leading-edge, modular-based open standard solutions in the communications and embedded markets. Kontron has b
Flexibility and density with AdvancedMCs
25.08.2005 - KONTRON has expanded its range of open, modular COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) solutions based on the ATCA standard with the introduction of two new AdvancedMCs - the AMC Quad Gigabit Ethernet module AM4300 and the high capacity SATA storage module
Ultra-flat embedded panel SBC
20.06.2005 - THE SBC (single board computer) ePanel-C3 is Kontron's newest piece of "flatware" from the uFLAT series for the construction of mobile panel PCs or other low-profile systems, such as door/gate stations or vehicle rear seat systems.
Computer-on-module offers 1,850 MIPS and dual-gigabit Ethernet
17.06.2005 - KONTRON has released a computer-on-module (COM) based on the MPC8540 PowerQUICC III RISC processor from Freescale. Kontron's E Brain EB8540 COM offers pure, fanless computing with many I/O connection options at minimum power consumption. It is integr
Passively cooled 2GHz CPCI boards
15.06.2005 - KONTRON has released three new high-performance CompactPCI CPU boards each with a 2GHz Intel Pentium M processor 755 or 760 (CP6011) for peak performance with passive cooling. The 3U board CP306, with directly soldered processor and memory, is design
Multifunction industrial motherboard
10.03.2005 - KONTRON has released the ATX-812 industrial motherboard. It uses Intel’s 90nm Pentium M(Dothan) processor with 855GME and 6300 ESB to support PCI-X expansion slots.
Single board computer
17.01.2005 - KONTRON has released the EPanel-C3 single board computer (SBC), the newest piece of flatware from the uFLAT series for the construction of mobile panel PCs or other low-profile systems, such as door/gate stations or vehicle rear seat systems.
RISC Computer on module
10.01.2005 - KONTRON has released the E²Brain EB405a RISC processor-based computer-on-module (COM) with a 266MHz IBM PowerPC 405EP processor. The energy-saving RISC module is suitable for embedded systems in the real time domain, with minimum power consumption an
EPIC form factor
22.12.2004 - KONTRON has introduced the embedded platform for industrial computing (EPIC) form factor The mini-motherboard form factor measures 114.3mm x 165.1mm. It sits between the smaller PC/104 and the larger EBX and Mini-ITX. This makes it suitable for use i
Panel PC with Intel Pentium M processor
22.12.2004 - KONTRON expands its line of scalable panel PC systems with the V Panel, an HMI in panel format with processor capacities up to Intel Pentium M 1.1GHz.
Advanced telecom computing architecture platform
08.11.2004 - KONTRON has released its advanced telecom computing architecture (ATCA) platform. It has released a system chassis, processing blades and base fabric switches.
Full featured Pentium M motherboard
05.11.2004 - KONTRON has released the 886LCD-M/mITX MiniITX motherboard. It is based on the Intel Pentium M processor, part of Intel Centrino mobile technology. The Intel 855GME and 6300ESB ICH Southbridge serve as a chipset.
Computer-on-module support integration
05.11.2004 - EMBEDDED Linux users can easily take advantage of ELinOS' software support for Kontron's ETX and X-board embedded modules.
Value line 6U CompactPCI board
05.11.2004 - KONTRON Australia has introduced the CP6500-V, a new CompactPCI board in 6U height. It comes with a 1GHz or 400MHz (LV/ULV version) Intel Celeron processor and is designed for price-sensitive applications. The 400MHz version works with passive coolin
Modular 6U CompactPCI system
04.11.2004 - KONTRON’s XL-Pocket/6500-V for 6U devices is, after the 3U CP-Pocket/303-V, the second system design that offers CompactPCI convenience at a rack-mounted price. The system is designed for wall-mounting and is equipped with a cost-effective 400MHz (UL
Standard for popular embedded processors
18.08.2004 - KONTRON Embedded Modules has released the X-board standard for mini-format high-density embedded CPU modules. The standard will allow the on-board integration of ARM and PowerPC processors for the first time, as well as the traditional x86 types.
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