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Ultra-flat embedded panel SBC

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article image Suitable for low-profile systems.

THE SBC (single board computer) ePanel-C3 is Kontron's newest piece of "flatware" from the uFLAT series for the construction of mobile panel PCs or other low-profile systems, such as door/gate stations or vehicle rear seat systems.

It is the logical development of the unique flat panel SBC concept in ultra-flat construction, which Kontron introduced to the market last year with the ePanel-mgx.

Based on VIA Eden processors, the computer board family is now available with scalable performance from 300MHz to 733MHz to 1GHz.

Further innovations are USB 2.0 support, DDR-RAM, ultra DMA support, maximum 64MB graphics memory, the integrated MPEG2 hardware decoder for DVD applications and an optional mini-PCI interface integrated on the rear.

Resolutions up to UXGA are supported for the control of flat panels.

The software support available for the proven x86 VIA platform is almost unlimited. Besides the low power consumption, the large number of interfaces such as 100Mb Ethernet and 3x USB 2.0 make the ePanel-C3 a self-sufficient, self-contained system.

The operating system can be loaded from, among other things, Compact Flash. The PC-CARD socket offers the ability to use wireless LAN, Bluetooth or CAN bus adaptersw. With the integrated wide range dc power supply, the ePanel-C3 is designed for environments from 8 to 28 volts. The Smart Battery Backup Support is compatible with all current types of batteries.

As well as the analogue VGA port, interfaces for TTL and LVDS flat panels are already integrated; a touch and matrix controller is also provided.

A flexible I/O adapter, connected via a flat-foil cable, offers a customer-specific housing design and the option of limiting oneself to just the necessary interfaces. With its compact dimensions of 180 x 140mm, it is an excellent fit to TFTs with a screen diagonal of 8" or more.

In addition to the basic version, the ePanel is offered in an optional variant with NTSC/PAL video input, LVDS output, battery charger and mini-PCI interface. A complete starter kit - including 256MB DDRAM, Compact Flash card, lithium-ion battery and all the necessary cables - is also available.

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