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SGET certifies Kontron’s innovative Computer-on-Module standard for ARM/SoC processors

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Kontron Australia  announces the official ratification of the new SMARC Computer-on-Modules specification by the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGET).
Kontron played a lead role in the development of the ULP-COM specification. This new Smart Mobility ARChitecture for ARM/SoC-based extremely compressed Computer-on-Modules was approved quickly, underlining the market’s need for a new ARM/SoC-based form factor standard as well as the agility of the newly created SGET body.
Developers can now begin engineering innovative ultra low power devices based on the new SMARC standard.
Peter Müller, Global Product Line Manager for Modules at Kontron explains that the SMARC specification, as a standard for ARM/SoC-based building blocks in miniature format has filled a very significant gap in the embedded market, adding that this segment can now benefit from having an additional standards body contributing to innovative specifications and bringing new standards to the market within just a few months’ time.
The ratification of the SMARC standard underlines Kontron's power to innovate in its role as an international technology leader and as a 'standardiser' of Computer-on-Modules. SMARC is the latest result of the consequential further development of Computer-on-Modules standards for energy-saving ARM/SoC processors, and an innovation boost for the ultra-low power embedded market.
The first form factor specification of the SGET, the SMARC specification describes extremely flat ARM/SoC-based ultra-low-power Computer-on-Modules in miniature format. Aimed at manufacturers of Computer-on-Modules as well as carrier board and system developers, the module specification profits OEMs and VARs due to the resulting comprehensive ecosystem for ultra-flat ARM/SoC-based Computer-on-Modules in miniature format.
The new SMARC modules find application in automation solutions to graphics and image-centric devices, which also require extremely low energy consumption and have to withstand extreme environmental conditions. The new modules serve as a building block solution for very small portable handheld devices as well as for all larger devices in which consumption must not exceed a few watts and the computing power has to be particularly high.
Kontron has already launched three highly scalable SMARC module families with ARM/SoC processors such as Freescale i.MX 6, Texas Instruments Sitara 3874, and Nvidia Tegra 3. In accordance with the ratified specification, the names of these ultra-low-power Computer-on-Modules (ULP COM) have been changed to SMARC.

  • The Kontron ULP COM-sAMX6i supporting the extended temperature range by-design with single, dual and quad-core ARM Cortex A9 technology on the basis of the Freescale i.MX 6 series is now SMARC-sAMX6i
  • The Kontron ULP COM-sA3874i with the extremely power efficient single-core Texas Instruments Sitara 3874 microprocessor (MPUs) also for the extended temperature range with 800 MHz Cortex A8 technology is now SMARC-sA3874i
  • The Kontron ULP COM-sAT30 with the 1.2 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core ARM processor (Cortex A9) and high-end graphics support is now SMARC-sAT30

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