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Rack Mount Systems
Kontron offers a large array of Intel® based Industrial PC Rack Mount Server Systems around two core architectures:
  • Passive backplane (SBC)
  • Motherboard

The benefits of the passive  backplane are its ability to support a greater number and combination of ISA / PCI expansion slots (up to 14) and to offer longer life cycles, which can be greater than 5 years.

Features of the Rack Mount Servers and Systems: KISS Multifunctional
Kontron Industrial Silent Server (KISS) main attraction is their extremely low noise level: they are inaudible against normal conversation.

  • KISS IPC servers are therefore ideal for most noisesensitive environments, such as hospital operating theaters and computer server rooms
  • The performance and configuration of KISS servers are based on Kontron’s extensive range of CPU boards and backplanes, which allows them to be adapted to meet a very wide range of requirements
  • Designed in Germany
  • Low noise design
  • Long life time support >5 years
  • Newest processor architectures
  • Shock proof design
  • Excellent thermal design
  • Hot swap chassis fans
  • Easy maintainability
Kontrons Range of Rack Mount Server Systems
  • 4U Rack Mount Systems
    • 886LCD-M/ATX
    • KT965 ATXP
    • 986LCD ATXP
    • PCI 951
    • Dual XEON1
    • PCI 960
    • PCI 759
    • PCI 760
  • 4U Short Rack Mount Systems - For space limited applications
    • 886LCD-M/Flex
    • 886LCD-M/Flex
    • KT965/Flex
  • 2U Rack Mount Systems - Versatile 2U Solution for space limited applications
    • 886LCD M/Flex
    • 986LCDM/ITX
    • KT965Flex
  • 1U Rack Mount Systems
    • PCI 960
    • PCI 760
    • RPD-1151
    • RPD-1158
    • RPD-1171
    • RPD-1178

Learn more about Kontron's range of rack mount server systems by visiting the Kontron Australia website via the link provided below.

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