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Panel PCs, LCD Monitors, Touch Panels, HMI and Displays
Panel PCs, LCD Monitors, Touch Panels, HMI and Displays

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HMI - Human Machine Interface<br><br />Panel PC's<br><br />Touchscreen Displays and Monitors<br><br />Customised HMI and Displays<br><br />Touch Panels and Touch Panel PC

Panel PC / Micro Client
Kontron can supply you with a semi or fully customised Panel PC products for all you industrial needs. The 100% industry capable Panel PCs and displays meet the toughest industrial requirements concerning shock, vibration and temperature resistance.
  • High performance with embedded multi-core processor technology
  • Fanless cooling at maximum processor performance
  • Scalable display sizes
  • Closed cabinets for use in rugged environments
Applications for Kontrons HMI Panel PC and Panel Displays
  • Industrial Automation
  • Building Automation
  • Medical
  • Test and Measurement
  • Communication
  • Transportation
  • Point of Sale / Point of Interest
Features and Benefits of Panel PC Systems
V Panel PC Express
  • High performance with embedded multi-core processor technology up to Intel® Core™ Duo processors
  • Ideal for running real time control and visualisation simultaneously on one system or high end rugged computing applications
  • Fanless cooling at maximum processor performance
  • Scaleable display size: 12.1", 15" and 17"
Micro Clients II
  • The Kontron Micro Clients II can be implemented with either SATA, CompactFlash or Ethernet boot functionality
  • Depending on the application needs, the fanless and scalable Kontron Micro Clients II are equipped with embedded processors ranging from the AMD LX 800 processor with 500MHz up to the 1.0 GHz Intel® Celeron® processor
  • Shock and vibration resistance, thermal stability compliance with the strictest EMC standards are standard features for all Micro Clients
HMI OEM Systems
  • Kontron can develop an industrial HMI system as a customized system solution that precisely meets your requirements
  • The HMI can be integrated directly into your installations and systems

MediClient - Panel PC for Medical Equipment OEMs.

  • Flexible HMI for Every Medical Case
  • EN 60601-1 compatible
  • Robust, light and easy to clean plastic housing
  • Fanless cooling concept
  • Scalable processor performance up to Celeron M® 1 GHz
Nano Client - Rugged Fanless HMI
  • Stainless steel housing (IP66 around) and fanless cooling
  • Closed cabinet (stainless steel, IP66 around)
  • Fanless cooling
  • Ideally designed for use as a web client / thin client in rugged environments
  • Low power management with Intel® Atom™ processor up to 1.6 GHz
  • Compact space saving systems with max. 63 mm depth
KFM Industrial LCD Monitors
The KFM series of 15", 19" and 21" LCD monitors offer:
  • Ample display area that presents a vivid and precise image for your HMI
  • Front accessible on screen display function allows users to adjust images with ease
  • Optional touch screen
  • Standard VGA and DVI and S-Video and Composite Video inputs
Touch Panel PCs
  • Various display sizes from 10.4" to 15"
  • Satisfies the toughest industrial requirements with regard to shock, vibration and temperature resistance
  • Kontronā€˜s Touch Panels also excel in Electromagnetic Compatibility and  related norms and directives concerning radiation and emissions
Panel PC Product Range
  • Panel PCs
    • V Panel Express 121
    • V Panel Express 150
    • V Panel Express 170
  • Micro Clients HMI
    • Micro Client II M@C70
    • Micro Client II M@C104
    • Micro Client II M@C121
    • Micro Client II M@C150
  • MediClient Panel PCs
    • MediClient 104
    • MediClient 150
  • KFM LCD Monitors
    • KFM15_e
    • KFM19_e
    • KFM21_e
  • Touch Panels
    • Touch Panel 104
    • Touch Panel 121
    • Touch Panel 150

Learn more about Kontron's range of panel PCs by visiting the Kontron Australia website via the link provided below.

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