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New Kontron PC/104-Plus Single Board Computers with AMD Embedded G-Series

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article image New Kontron PC104-Plus Single Board Computers with AMD Embedded G-Series

Kontron Australia  announces the introduction of the Kontron PC/104-Plus single board computers (SBCs) for compact multimedia applications.  

The MICROSPACE MSM-eO, Kontron’s new line of single board computers offers OEMs very powerful embedded graphics in addition to long-term availability.  

The PC/104-based SBCs are based on the accelerated processing units of the AMD Embedded G-Series, which, along with a 64-bit CPU also integrates a programmable graphics unit and a DDR3 memory controller.  

Using the Kontron MICROSPACE MSM-eO single board computers and Kontron’s extensive PC/104 portfolio of expansion boards, OEMs can quickly implement small form factor multimedia applications with a level of performance that has only been possible with significantly larger systems with dedicated graphics cards.  

Key features of the Kontron PC/104-Plus SBC MICROSPACE MSM-eO: 

  • Integrates the single-core AMD T44R processor with 1.2 GHz together with an AMD Radeon HD6250 graphics unit
  • Supports the latest 3D graphics libraries such as OpenGL 3.2 and DirectX11
  • Ideally suited as an upgrade for existing PC/104-Plus designs that need more graphics performance with low power consumption
  • Integrated unified video encoder takes the load off the processor when displaying high-resolution videos (1080i/p)
  • Suitable for extremely compact multimedia applications such as mobile infotainment systems, vending machines and mobile battery-operated systems
  • Using DirectCompute and OpenCL 1.1, OEMs can also implement GPGPU applications in the low-power segment using the computing power of the graphics unit for parallel data processing  
  • Extremely high performance per watt ratio enables smaller and more power efficient designs for applications such as industrial and medical image processing and digital signal processing in Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems
  • Up to 4 GB DDR3 RAM offers enough resources to speed up memory-intensive applications
  • Digital display interface (DDI) for DisplayPort, HDMI or DVI signals in addition to LVDS and VGA
  • Controls two independent full HD displays (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • Digital audio signals are transmitted lossless via high-definition audio and SPDIF
  • Storage media can be connected via two SATA interfaces, which also support RAID 0.1
  • Socket for micro SD cards also available for compact and robust applications
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces allow for the direct integration into network structures without additional expansion cards
  • Four USB 2.0 and four serial interfaces (RS232/TTL) allow the direct connection of numerous application-specific peripherals
  • Eight configurable GPIOs for implementing more application-specific I/Os
  • 32-bit PCI bus connector (4 slots) and a 16-bit ISA bus connector are ready for the connection of numerous expansion cards
  • Software support for Windows, Linux and VxWorks and others available on request

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