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Embedded Motherboards and Basic Motherboards
Embedded Motherboards and Basic Motherboards

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Embedded Motherboards - FLEX-ATX, Micro-ATX, ATX<br><br />Embedded Motherboards - Mini-ITX<br><br />Basic Motherboards and Embedded Server

Embedded Motherboards
Kontron offers a broad range of high quality embedded motherboards from mini-ITX to full size ATX. This variety of motherboards serves the different needs of our customers in the industrial and medical fields, point of sales technology, lotteries, gaming and many other applications.

These embedded motherboard systems are based on state of the art processors and chipset platforms, and utilise advanced technology components.

Features and Benefits of Kontron's Embedded Motherboards
  • Up to 7 year lifecycle and long term service and support
  • Extensive validation, verification and optimization testing
  • Life cycle management and revision control
  • Extended technical support and documentation
  • Superior flat panel display support including LVDS, DVI, CRT, HDMI and ADD Cards
  • Scalability from Mini-ITX to full-size ATX
  • Short time-to-market with standard form factors
  • Remote hardware and hard disk monitoring/control by original API software
  • Advanced technologies such as solid capacitors and up to 12 multilayer PCBs
Basic Motherboards
After the hugely successful launch of the new basic motherboard KT780/ATX, Kontron has now extended its family of basic motherboards with two high-performance variants based on the 45nm Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processor: The Kontron KTG41/ATX basic motherboard and the Kontron KTG41/ATXU basic motherboard.

Compared to embedded motherboards that offer up to 7 years availability and support, basic motherboards focus on applications with fast innovation cycles and high demands on computing and graphics performance.

Embedded Motherboard Products
  • Embedded Motherboards - FLEX-ATX, Micro-ATX, ATX - 886 LCD/ATXU (GV), 986LCD-M/FLEX, 986LCD-M/ATXE, 986LCD-M/ATXP, KT965/FLEX, KT965/ATXE, KT965/ATXP, KTQ45/Flex, KTQ45/ATXE
  • Embedded Motherboards Mini-ITX - 786LCD/mITX, 886LCD-M/mITX (BGA), 886LCD-M/mITX, 986LCD-M/mITX (BGA), 986LCD-M/mITX, KT690/mITX, KTUS15/mITX-1.1, KTUS15/mITX-1.6
  • Basic Motherboards - KTG41/ATXU, KTG41/ATX, KT780/ATX

Learn more about Kontron's range of embedded and basic motherboards by visiting the Kontron Australia website via the link provided below.

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