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Modular 6U CompactPCI system

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article image Designed for wall mounting.

KONTRON’s XL-Pocket/6500-V for 6U devices is, after the 3U CP-Pocket/303-V, the second system design that offers CompactPCI convenience at a rack-mounted price.

The system is designed for wall mounting and is equipped with a cost-effective 400MHz (ULV) or 1GHz (LV) Intel Celeron processor.

With three front CompactPCI slots, the system is suitable for configurable machine controls or for the construction of compact servers.

At the same time, it is also interesting that the standard design of the third expansion slot is not 6U but 3U. This makes the solution very flexible. Optionally, all 3U-6U combinations are feasible.

The system is an alternative to compact rack-mounted computers, whose market segment is very price-competitive. The CompactPCI's assemblies that are front-replaceable completely accommodate the needs of the systems integrator and maintenance personnel.

The ultra low voltage (ULV) variant, with a maximum 10 watt power dissipation at 400MHz, is also operated without an active fan.

For network communication, two front Ethernet ports are available on the CPU assembly. Additionally there are two serial interfaces and the normal connections for keyboard, floppy and graphics (VGA CRT with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels).

Two EIDE ports facilitate the connection of mass-storage devices; one of these interfaces is designed for an on-board HDD. In addition, the CPU board includes a CompactFlash socket.

The CP6500-V can also be expanded as needed with customized mezzanine cards over a 32-bit/33-MHz PMC slot with rear I/O support. Additional I/O can be connected via the LPC interface or the rear I/O or CompactPCI expansion assemblies.

The CP6500-V works in both system- and peripheral slots. In the former case it communicates with all peripheral boards by CompactPCI protocol or Ethernet over the backplane; in the latter, only over Ethernet according to PICMG 2.16.

The CPUs are socketless and thus securely mounted. Up to 512MB of main memory can be used in the 144-pin SODIMM socket. The extensive range of optimal front-mountable I/O assemblies from Kontron rounds out the versatile array and offers the appropriate configuration for each OEM or systems integrator.

Software support is offered for Windows XP, XP Embedded, and 2000, as well as Linux and VxWorks, among others.

Among the uses of the XL-Pocket/6500-V are all standard industrial applications such as Soft-SPSen or IPC-control in machine and equipment construction, as well as compact server systems for industrial Ethernet communication.

Equipped with field bus cards, they are well-qualified as head and master stations for field bus solutions. The use of visualisation solutions is always possible due to the PC feature set.

What is new about the Pocket systems is that they are not equipped with ISA or PCI-based expansion assemblies as are classic box PCs, but rather with CompactPCI assemblies that are easily front-exchangeable without unscrewing the whole system.

This significantly simplifies and accelerates configuration and maintenance. With three expansion slots, Pockets offer enough flexibility for customer-specific expansion of the system.

Kontron offers the appropriate I/O boards for all standard interface requirements, including all standard field bus interfaces (which are significantly more convenient to handle mechanically), at a price comparable to that of any standard ISA- or PCI-card.

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