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Kontron provides Connectivity Solutions for Airlines and Airport Authorities

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Kontron Australia has announced their partnership with Thales, a provider in in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems, to design and manufacture the Enhanced Terminal Wireless LAN Unit (eTWLU) for the company’s GateSync System.

The GateSync System is a wireless ground connectivity solution for airports and airlines. The system allows airlines to wirelessly load and offload content and data while an aircraft is on the ground. The eTWLU is a small sealed ARIN-763 compliant wireless transceiver that supports high speed wireless protocols in order to allow the GateSync system to be deployed at airports all over the world.

“Kontron designed the eTWLU for maximum aircraft flexibility and network compatibility. When deployed as a stand-alone device, it delivers connectivity for interactive command and control and file transfer for system data exchange,” says Andy Mason, Business Unit Manager, Mil Aero Products Group at Kontron.

“When used in conjunction with the Thales TopSeries IFEC system, the eTWLU supports a broadband connection to enable the delivery or updates of IFE multimedia content. Critical to the deployment, the integration was designed with COTS products in a flight-ready chassis that fits within the footprint specified by ARINC-763.”

The Kontron eTWLU features a high performance PowerPC processor architecture with integrated multiple radios to ensure maximum connectivity throughput and reliability to off-aircraft networks. The multi-radio maximises the aircraft’s ability to communication with ground networks.

The eTWLU also includes an internal GPS receiver, which reports equipment locations to the GateSync network operations centre (NOC) and software management system.

“GateSync gives airlines fast and secure wireless transmission capabilities that enables them to optimize ground operations while providing increased passenger personalization to enhance their flying experience,” says Alan Pellegrini, Managing Director for the Thales In-flight Entertainment business.

“The eTWLU is a key component to our overall solution and we are pleased to be working with Kontron.”

The Enhanced Terminal Wireless LAN Units are available from Kontron Australia.

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