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Kontron launches ARM-based ultra low power Computer-on-Module

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article image Kontron ULP-COM-sAT30 Computer-on-Module
Kontron Australia  announces the launch of a new range of ARM-based ultra low power modules designed to reduce cost and energy consumption of imaging-centric low profile applications.
Kontron’s first ultra low power, low profile ARM-based Computer-on-Module is specifically designed to extend the proven and scalable Computer-on-Module-based usage model to new modules with ARM and SoC processors.
The new Kontron ULP-COM-sAT30 measures 82mm x 50mm and integrates NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad Core ARM 1.2 GHz technology. The combination of the low power NVIDIA Tegra 3 ARM processor and ULP-COM’s optimised ARM/SoC pin-out definition enables designers to build fanless, passively cooled systems that dramatically reduce power consumption and costs of deployed systems.
The Kontron ULP-COM-sAT30 is based on the new module standard ULP-COM (Ultra Low Power Computer-on-Module). Kontron led the development of the new ULP-COM standard, which has received global support from the embedded community.
The new COM module delivers an advanced, rugged and scalable building block for industrial tablet and imaging-centric applications with low power consumption such as in the POS/POI, infotainment, digital signage, security/surveillance, medical and military markets.
Key features of Kontron ULP-COM-sAT30 Computer-on-Modules:

  • 314-pin connector (MXM 3.0) enables low profile solution with board-to-board separation at 1.5mm and overall height of 5.7mm
  • High-end graphics support with dedicated interfaces for dual displays
  • HD video decode including MPEG2, HD video encode, ultra low-power NVIDIA GeForce GPU with dual display controllers, and 2D and 3D acceleration
  • Flexible display support provided for parallel LCD 18/24 bit, LVDS single channel 18 bit/24 bit
  • Dual channel support for 24 bit LVDS and HDMI
  • Delivers camera support via 2x CSI-2 camera ports
According to Kevin Rhoads, Vice President, Embedded Products Business Unit, Kontron, the new Kontron ULP-COM-sAT30 brings a robust solution that solves many design issues including reducing power costs and providing flexible display options and high-end graphics demanded by OEMs and end-users alike, all in a standardised form factor geared towards low-profile, low-power systems.

He adds that the new COM module functions as an ideal building block for mobile and fixed low-power usage model applications that need to operate in harsh environments and require high-end graphics, flexible display and camera support.
Kontron is also announcing the availability of its ULP-COM Evaluation Carrier board to further assist customers in application development and evaluation. Engineered specifically to enable designers to easily evaluate the comprehensive feature set of the ULP-COM Computer-on-Module, the multipurpose carrier board also allows end-users to test and evaluate both hardware and software functionality in their particular application.
The ULP-COM Evaluation Carrier board also supports a diverse range of interfaces, solid state mass storage options as well as display and camera interfaces along with an accelerometer for enhanced design flexibility.
Kontron is offering a pre-validated evaluation platform with its ULP-COM Computer-on-Modules. The reference platform includes all the evaluation resources required by OEMs to start development immediately, including the Kontron Computer-on-Module ULP-COM-sAT30, the ULP-COM Evaluation Carrier board, pre-loaded Linux O/S and a 10.6-inch 1280x768 display mounted together on a platform for lab bench use.

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