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Kontron HMITR Rugged Display Computers for Mobile Applications

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Kontron  announced the release of the EN50155-compliant 10.4-inch Kontron HMITR display computers at the InnoTrans.  

Key advantages of the application-ready display computers include an extended temperature range (EN50155 T3), reduced energy consumption and powerful graphics and display technology.  

Designed for UIC 612-0x railway applications, the fanless and maintenance-free Kontron HMITR with capacitive touch display or hard keys has IP65 protection on the front side to safeguard it against dust and water.  

Built robustly, the Kontron HMITR display computers are well prepared for diverse demanding applications in the traffic and transportation industries.  

The display computers also find application in military, medical and industrial automation environments:

  • Railway applications include Driver Display Systems (DDS) where the Kontron HMITR carries out diagnostic and control functions such as Train Radio Display (TRD), Technical and Diagnostic Display (TDD), Control and Command Display (CCD) and Electronic Timetable Display (ETD)
  • Military applications of the Kontron HMITR involve the visualisation of Ethernet-connected camera, radar or sonar data
  • In medical technology, the display computers are ideal for emergency vehicles
  • Industrial applications can be found in cranes and forklift trucks

These applications benefit from the rugged application-ready platform that is efficiently protected against heat and cold.  

The long-term available Kontron HMITR offers high reliability and is designed to meet the main railway standards (EN50155, EN50121-3-2, EN61373 and EN60950) in addition to being compliant to CEN TS 45545-1.  

Key features of the Kontron HMITR Display Computers

  • Equipped with the latest Intel Atom E6xx processor (up to 1.6 GHz), Intel Platform Controller Hub EG20T as well as 1024 MB of soldered RAM
  • For flexible integration into in-vehicle systems, the display computer offers a wide range of interfaces with Fast Ethernet (2x M12-D), USB 2.0 (2x M12), RS232/422 serial interfaces, GPIO CAN Layer2 as well as a loudspeaker connector (D-SUB25) and Audio Line-In/Out
  • Standard Gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0 as well as a SIM and an SD card slot are accessible behind a service flap
  • The 10.4-inch display (800x600) offers an energy-saving and long-life LED backlight that automatically adapts its brightness to ambient lighting for best contrast
  • Two PCIe Mini Card slots provided for customer-specific extensions
  • Two data storage options: a NAND Flash SSD with up to 32 GB or an SD card
  • EN50155 compliant power supply with either 24 or 72/100 volts DC

The Kontron display computer HMITR offers standard support of Windows XP/XPe, Embedded Linux, VxWorks and QNX as an option. Application-specific OEM versions of the system can be developed on request.

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