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Kontron Embedded Application Programming Interface for Simplified Access and Control of Hardware Resources

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article image Kontron EAPI Unified Cross-Platform Middleware

Kontron Australia  announces the launch of the new Kontron cross-platform middleware at this year’s SPS/IPC/DRIVES fair in Nuremberg, Germany.  

Kontron is a specialist provider of embedded computing technology solutions.  

With the launch of Kontron Embedded Application Programming Interface (Kontron EAPI), Kontron standardises the access and control of hardware resources for embedded applications.  

Application developers can now access a rich and sophisticated library of API functions from all-new Kontron embedded computing platforms.  

Kontron EAPI is compliant with the PICMG’s EAPI but independent of form factors or operating systems and offers an extended feature set.  

Kontron EAPI minimises OEMs’ development work and the time spent on initial designs up to cross-platform migrations, including validation and verification.  

Additionally, Kontron EAPI enables remote monitoring and control functionalities, resulting in improved service, easier maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership.  

The first products to be fitted with the new Kontron EAPI include: 

  • Kontron embedded motherboard KTQ45
  • Kontron COM Express Computer-on-Modules nanoETXexpress-SP
  • Kontron’s MICROSPACE MPCX line of industrial PCs

All new platforms to be launched after this announcement will also be supported.  

The software interfaces to the hardware can be easily linked to any higher programming language such as C++ or Java, making software and application development a much simpler job.  

Moreover, developers can utilise the knowledge that has gone into creating the solution, even when migrating to another Kontron platform, ensuring faster time-to-market as well as reducing the amount of work needed for validation and verification.  

OEMs can even leverage the Kontron EAPI to offer value-adding services to their customers. Some possible value-additions include remote hardware monitoring and enhanced servicing plans.  

Dirk Finstel, CTO of Kontron says that the Kontron EAPI helps reduce R&D costs for their customers, allowing them to handle the fast technology changes much easier.  

Additionally, the complexity to access I/Os across all platforms is dramatically reduced with standardisation.  

Key advantages of Kontron EAPI according to Dirk Finstel include: 

  • Combines the best features of all major standards, adds further enhancements and provides easy usability on all Kontron platforms
  • Middleware package unifies the way all Kontron embedded platforms are handled, independent from form factor or OS
  • Lowers R&D costs and optimises time-to-market
  • Achieves highly convenient system integration

Kontron EAPI is compliant to the PICMG’s EAPI as defined in the latest COM Express specification, COM.0 Rev. 2 but extends its feature set by additional function calls such as basic system information, temperature and voltage monitoring, CPU performance as well as thermal control.  

Moreover, Kontron EAPI includes more form factors from AdvancedTCA to VPX, and all functions can be called remotely via Internet.  

Developers using this will benefit from the safety of an independently standardised programming interface combined with high convenience and an extended feature set.

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