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Kontron Double-Width AdvancedMC Processor Module AM5020 with Intel Core I7 Processor

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Kontron , a leader in embedded computing technology introduces its powerful double-width AdvancedMC processor module AM5020 for telecommunications applications.  

Featuring an Intel Core i7 mobile processor and Intel hyper-threading technology, the new Kontron AM5020 offers excellent computing power with up to 2.53 GHz of dual-core performance to run parallel, multi-threaded applications on MicroTCA integrated platforms.  

The Kontron AdvancedMC processor module AM5020 incorporates the high-performance Intel Core i7 processor with an integrated memory controller, PCI Express Gen2 I/O and Intel HD graphics.    

Coupled with the highly integrated Intel QM 57 platform controller hub (PCH), the AM5020 has a high performance density packed into a small footprint.  

Using the Kontron AM5020, customers can take advantage of the reduced component count and streamlined data paths between the CPU, PCH and peripherals in a powerful, space-saving and cost-effective design.  

The Kontron AM5020 processor module is ideal for MicroTCA platforms in telecommunications applications such as IPTV, media servers, media gateways, conference systems and TETRA switches as well as applications in medical, automation and security.  

With its MicroTCA.1 faceplate design for robust system integration, it is capable of withstanding demanding mechanical environmental conditions.

Key features: 

  • Ensures a comprehensive set of interconnecting capabilities with support for PICMG AMC.1/.2/.3 sub-specifications
  • 8 PCI Express lanes to the backplane configurable as 2 x PCIe x4 or 8 x PCIe x1 guarantee high throughput for I/O-intensive applications
  • Four GbE interfaces, two on the front panel and two on the backplane in accordance with AMC.2, provide comprehensive networking capabilities
  • Provides an extensive range of mass storage support with six SATA-II channels
  • Users can choose between an onboard 2.5” SATA drive and/or up to 32 GB of SATA flash memory, securely fastened to the PCB
  • 4 SATA channels are routed to the AMC connector enabling applications with a high amount of storage capacity and RAID
  • DVI-D interface combined with two USB interfaces, two GbE and a serial port via RJ45
  • Space-saving and cost-effective solution for a broad range of I/O and data intensive applications
  • Full hot-swap capabilities for monitoring, controlling and replacing the module
  • Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) enhances the board's availability while reducing the overall operating costs and mean time to repair
  • Dedicated Module Management Controller (MMC) manages the board and supports basic IPMI commands
  • Supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 as well as VxWorks 6.8 and Wind River Linux PNE 3.0.2

Kontron also offers various MicroTCA platform solutions for the Kontron AdvancedMC processor module AM5020, which can be combined with a rich portfolio of MCH solutions applying to entry-level designs and small-sized systems as well as to high-performing managed switching.

Used in conjunction with the Kontron AM5020, these platforms are ideal solutions for multi-processor systems in medical, research and industrial automation applications as well as in communication systems, including government implementations.

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