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Kontron Australia to design OCTEON II multicore MIPS64 processors

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Kontron Australia  have announced their intentions to design the OCTEON II processors with Cavium Networks, providers of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for networking, communications, storage, wireless, video and security applications.

As a Cavium PACE (Partnership to Accelerate Customer End-solutions) member, Kontron Australia will leverage their AM42xx series of AdvancedMC Intelligent I/O modules that are designed with OCTEON Plus multi-core processors, and introduce their next generation modules using the OCTEON II processor family.

Clients will be able to upgrade their systems with high packet processor performance, unprecedented scalability, and newly added virtualisation functionalities to support their multiple network infrastructure equipment such as media gateway and wireless base station-type applications.

As market demand increases for higher bandwidth requirements from 10GbE to 40GbE, primarily with AdvancedTCA, more components will be required to do higher processing beyond 10GbE. These types of multicore processing units provide flexibility in xTCA platforms and create a broader range of target applications using COTS components in the network.

Multiple 10GbE I/O capability, combined with DDR3 memory bandwidth, will enable system designs for LTE and other core network elements. The sRIO is supported in the OCTEON II CN63XX. Hence this type of architecture will also enable the usage in combination with other DSP intensive applications in MicroTCA platforms. The new OCTEON-based design wins across a diverse range of applications.

Combining versatile, high performance multicore processors with standards-based hardware will continue to be an attractive solution to resolve the costs and resource challenges faced by equipment manufacturers.

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