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High performance VME CPU board

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As a safety critical system, ILTOR-2 needs to process and forward information in an acceptable time frame. This is why Kontron implemented the field level control system with high performance Kontron VMP3 CPU boards based on the high end PowerPC MPC8541 that provides a generous 1520 MIPS at a clock speed of just 660 MHz.

With its highly integrated RISC architecture CPU, the Kontron VMP3 offers impressive computing power. It also delivers on reliability – a MTBF of almost 130,000 hours ensures approximately 15 years of fault-free continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Depending upon the required module, Kontron also implemented racks with the 3U Kontron VM62 VMEbus Single Board Computer and the Kontron VMP60 CPU board and communication engine.

Kontron is represented by Kontron Australia .

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