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Weighing and filling machines from Kontrols

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Kontrols  specialises in offering filling and batching systems. Kontrols offers KIW LPG filling system for accurate and repeated filling. KIW LPG filling system is a smart system with easy operation. KIW LPG filling system provides reporting display for the operators. KIW LPG filling systems needs less maintenance and has resistant against vandalism.

Kontrols offers innovative range of weighing and filling products and other services that meets all quality standards and specifications. Kontrol’s team of experienced and trained professionals offers accurate and perfect solution that are second to none.

Kontrols provides wide range of services which includes Silo Weighing and Calibration, Scale Calibration and customised Engineering solutions. The application linked with scale calibration includes weighbridges, bulk weighing, level monitoring, filling, hopper and silo weighing. And other items linked include logistic mapping and installation and safety analysis.

Customised engineering service from Kontrols includes the software and customized engineering applications linked. Kontrols’s application procedure includes batching, mixing, bulk weighing, hopper and silo weighing, level monitoring, on board weighing, filling, software and customized engineering solution.

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