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Exafast mild steel fasteners available from Konnect

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Exafast offer mild steel bolts and nuts and have an in-house laboratory that is fully equipped to test fasteners to every aspect of the relevant standards. Exafast mild steel fasteners, bolts and nuts are available from Konnect

Exafast have invested in the following equipment:

  • Instron Satec 600DX universal testing machine: Allows proof load testing and ultimate tensile strength determination on bolts and proof load testing of nuts.
  • Future Tech FV700 Vickers hardness tester: To allow accurate point determination of fastener hardness.
  • Magmaster 2000 small parts crack detector: To allow detection of surface discontinuities in fasteners using the magnetic particle method.
  • Kodak profile projector: For assessment of fastener dimensional characteristics.
  • ATM abrasive cut-off machine and ATM hot mount press: For accurate preparation and mounting of cross-sectional samples for microscopic analysis.

Exafast also offer a number of thread gauges, straightness gauges, Vernier callipers and thread micrometers to ensure that every dimension is within specified tolerances. Exafast offer a wide range of mild steel bolts, set screws, cup head bolts, coach screws, nuts and washers in both metric and imperial sizes.

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